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Monday Morning: Pets, Energy and Balance

Monday, 18 April 2016 — Tax Day

Not sure what possessed me to take a bath last night, but while Chris was in the work room working on drag pieces for his audition video (more on that later) I thought it would be nice to throw on some Cosby Show on Hulu and sip whisky in the bath and enjoy a deep cleaning, if you will.  Lavender soak in the tub, candles lit, fresh ice cubes and the astringent taste of bourbon all made for a moment away from my bubs that I needed.  He has been so busy working on custom pieces to display for a reality show.  I hope he gets on the show.  I should rephrase myself and say: I KNOW he’s going to get on. He, more than likely, will.  With all this talk of him possibly traveling away for filming, I made a list of things I need to work on in the salon and in my creative life.  My book, a one-man comedy show and a podcast all came to light.  If he’s going to chase his dreams creatively, I’m going to re-boot my creative pursuits as well.  The salon is my lifeblood, but I want to make as much money writing and performing.  I’m worth every penny.  I know I am.

Last night, one of our fiddler crabs named Ramiel climbed out of the tank.  Chris came into my bathroom where I was coffee ground scrubbing every part of my body and told me, “Bubs! Ramiel is out of the tank”  I stood up with conditioner in my hair, coconut oil on my face and grounds and suds everywhere else dripping and put my robe on to go look in the kitchen for the little shit.  There he was by the dishwasher in the corner.  Chris had a net, I was prepared to grab him and put him back in the tank.

Ramiel is our “second generation” crab.  My original crab-babies Ahava and Uriel have both passed on.  Uriel killed Ahava and we planted her in a little plant and she has since started to sprout.  Uriel passed away yesterday morning.  I discovered this in between phone calls.  His little gray body made me sad.  I removed him from the tank and set him and some sand aside so we can transplant his tiny little quarter-sized body into a lilac plant.  At our house, reincarnation is prevalent.  To me, every creature has a soul.  We allow the customary three days of rest and then transplant.  Imagine it as our version of sitting shiva for our crab babies.  Sadly, when I thought about Uriel passing yesterday, it meant a lot to me.  It means a chapter of the home’s energy is now closed.

Kabbalistically, when a pet passes on, it means the energy needs to be rebalanced in the home.  Animals have a different sense of feeling energy than humans do.  They’re more simple and can feel every single vibration.  When they pass on, it is believed its time to reflect and it may be a good time to “smudge” the space with sage.  Animals see spirits, they see energy, they act primally when they feel threatened or an imbalance.  They remind us of our own primal nature and should be listened to and respected.  Tomorrow, I’ll probably smudge the apartment after we transplant sweet little Uriel. Generation 1 of my pets has officially passed, Ramiel is left and now I have to think if I want to find him a tank mate or just let him continue to crawl out of the tank looking for a friend in our kitchen.

I returned to my bath after the “great escape” and rinsed off.  I layed in bed thinking about the energy in my home.  One partner is creating and striving for a great opportunity, the other is trying to balance out the day-to-day world we live in.  The pets, in the meantime, are dying and trying to crawl out of their tank.  Hmmm…. sounds like I need to tip the scales a bit.



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