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Shabbat: Pesach // Passover

Friday, 22 April 2016 — Pesach // Passover

Imagine, for a moment, that you are in the desert.

In this desert, you are seeing nothing.

You don’t see trees.  You don’t see vegetation, you don’t see water, you don’t see signs of other homes or towns or civilization.

You don’t see a thing except desert.

Welcome to Pesach.

Pesach or “Passover” is the time when all other energy in the world cannot touch you.  Negative energy ceases to touch you because you told it to stop.  Positive energy is drawn to you because of your intention to move forward.

As you walk forward, you approach nothingness. This nothing enables the mind to wander.  The wandering allows for clarity and clear communication. The nothing also enables the Satan (pronounced suh-tahn) to enable your doubt and depress you.

Satan is not a horned, red being, Satan is a deceiver.  He loves to be your friend.  He loves to influence you; he never tells you what to do.

The Satan lives in the desert.  He resides there.  He thrives there.

Passover is all about the Hebrews leaving the slavery enforced on them by the Egyptians. The Hebrews leave and soon after, Pharaoh sets off after them.  Want to know why?

Pharaoh, like the Satan, cannot thrive without a righteous soul to cling onto.

Passover is all about leaving our ego-based choices behind.  We should never be controlled by them, but we are.  We are controlled in the form of money, addiction, social media, expectations, and more.  We need to be true to our soul’s mission.

Pesach is the moment in time we remove ego and expectation and walk forward without judgement or fear of consequence.

Tonight, I am moving forward.

I move forward regardless of: my parents’ expectations, my partner’s expectations of me, my clients, my Facebook followers, my social media, my acquired wealth, my health, my ego, my connections, my possessions and my admiration of all of the above.

Tonight, I am free.


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