Real Tea, Real Me 4/25

Monday, 25 April 2016 — Real Tea, Real Me

Time Started: 12:57am

Soundtrack in the background: “Le Soleil est pres de moi” by Air

Beverage in hand: Califia Farms Cold Brew Coffee with Almond Milk

I wanted to take a moment away from the normal format of LuxeLove by JRy and introduce a “supplement” blog entry, if you will, about what I’m REALLY working on AND thinking.  I don’t want to write about stories of my life, spirituality, or any of the other fun stuff I usually create a story for.  There are things that I love to talk about in my blog and I love to keep the ball rolling in a storyteller style.  At some point, one grows tired of that.  Real Tea, Real Me is just a nice way of saying “let me cut the bullshit and the editing, here’s what I’m REALLY thinking about.” So…. here it goes.


As many of you may know, I have a good, strong relationship with my parents.  I tend to regard my relationship with them as tight and consistent.  The fact is that 2015 was the year I felt the most disconnection from them and since then it has been an uphill climb for me to be honest and realize the feelings I have towards them at times.  Being in a serious relationship took them by surprise.  I believe that it was naturally very hard for them to see me bring someone into my life.  It was very different when it was almost implied that I made them play “second fiddle” to Chris.  Truth is, they are not second fiddle.  At the end of the day, I still take care of my self first.  I think of my parents often.  I just don’t think to seek their advice as much as I once did.  At 30-something years old, I have turned my ear to most advice I receive from anyone.  When it comes to my relationship with my parents, I only want parents, I don’t want advisors 90% of the time.  I make time to see them for dinner once a week.  My traditional Sunday routine is no longer the norm.  It is not normal ANY day for me to have a completely scripted day any more like I used to.  I sometimes long for the days when no one spoke to me and I was able to think in silence for days on end.  Although, on the flip side, I see my parents and love to entertain them and make them laugh and watch them shake their heads.  I could lie and tell you I’m “rebuilding” my relationship this year, but that’s not nearly true.  I am just rolling with the punches of adulthood these days.  My interests have changed and my life has taken on a new phase, so has theirs!  My mom is retired, my father is nearly 60 years old.  It’s very different than five years ago or even two years ago.  Somewhere, we all got old.  Sometimes I hate it.  The laughter is the only familiar part of my relationship I hold dear at this moment in time… oh, and the food.

RuPaul’s Drag Race and the current state of Pueblo, Colorado.

Chris and I are off to see “Battle of the Seasons” starring some of the past queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race next Sunday.  At first I was not very excited, now I can’t wait to go.  I need to get the hell out of dodge and enjoy an evening away from Pueblo, Colorado and the sadness this town is experiencing.  I see everyone looking around at each other asking when the town, the culture, the leadership will change.  Sadly, I think this town is non-progressive because there’s inside leaders and old money controlling every facet of this village it’s become.  Most days, I enjoy being here.  I have moments, however, where I wish we’d stop talking about change and just fucking do it already.  The stupid local paper needs to write honest stories, the leaders to be honest, the police chief needs to resign and the DA’s office needs some order.  Also, the unemployment rate and “less-than” mentality is really sickening to me.  I don’t have to worry about this shit at RuPaul’s Drag Race BOTS.  For one night, I can just be a fan of a show and watch Chris soak in all the draggy glory he worships.   

Salon sales and tax season

The salon is pretty fabulous right now.  Its been incredibly busy.  It’s so busy in fact that the IRS has me on their list of red-flag accounts.  My tax liability has gone up and it has stressed me out.  I am annoyed and angry, but happy all at one time.  When the IRS is knocking at your door, you’re either out of compliance or they want a chunk of their money (wait.  Isn’t that the same thing?)  — they’ll get their money.  I have some budgeting to do and some big conversations to have.  I’m so annoyed by the fact that it seems that you are punished for doing well in this country.  Wanna own a business? Pay up! Wanna turn a profit? Pay up! Wanna support everyone in this country? YOU, Josh Cooley, will have to PAY UP.  You’re single and make a lot of money.  There are days I wonder if Robin Hood is working at the IRS and just targeting me.  Think he’s a homophobe?

The Blog

The blog has been a subject people bring up in the salon.  Some read every word.  Some ask if I have written at all.  Are they not seeing it on their Newsfeeds? I don’t really care either way.  I write my blog because it’s therapeutic to me.  I hope people learn about me when they read it and I hope people learn a little about themselves and their inner-chatter when reading.  Other than that, the days of me dominating the internet are over.  We’re all too busy snapchatting and watching bullshit tutorials on YouTube.  I remember vlogging before that was the thing, now everyone does it.  It’s too common for me.  This whole world is a microcosm of self-serving narcissists.  It sucks not be part of the action like I used to be, but frankly, I see some of the stuff out there and thank God I know how to write and edit. Some people live solely on the use of emojis or nude pics to promote their social media.  I think they’re shit really.

Comedy appearance and lack, thereof… 

A guest at the salon asked me about when I’ll be performing comedy again and the truth is that I don’t know.  It seems like Wade moved on.  I guess I will have to touchbase and see if there’s any interest in the Pueblo, Colorado market anymore.  I see so many worthless events going on with bad local comedians getting billed.  There’s competition between events, venues and comedians.  Funny part of all of this that no one has reached out to me.  I loved how these fuckers reached out when they needed money for events or asked if Wade could put them on a show sometime when he still lived here.  They won’t touch me with a 10-foot pole, don’t say hello and don’t want a thing to do with me.  I think I may have to take over booking my own comedy gigs.  Like anything I touch, it will either turn to gold or flop.  My prediction is gold.  Just cos a few loser comedians don’t want to reach out to me doesn’t mean I don’t have great material.  Keep talking shit, bitches!  I have a lot in the works… as usual. 

In closing, thank you for reading LuxeLove and asking so much. It feels good to see people have interest.  I just wanted to give you a “spilling of the tea” directly from me… xo- j.

Time ended: 1:28am 




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