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Monday Night: Mother’s Day Meltdown

Monday, 9 May 2016 —

I think that there are days when we assume things are going to go smoothly.  Mother’s Day was not one of the them.  Yesterday, I was an absolute mess!  I pinched my cornea, tore a contact lens and had a full-on meltdown about how much I hate my life.  What the fuck, Joshua? I do not hate my life, please understand; I have just felt a bit overworked lately and like I’m the only one who’s attempting to get this thing called life right and I’m starting to doubt myself a bit.  The torn contact was the last straw and threw me into a full on rampage against the world.  Today, I woke up, called my mom and hung out with her in an attempt to make up for my Mariah Scarey behavior.  She gets it.  My dads “gets” it.  Chris gets it.  Frankly, I think I needed to just throw a fit.

Today I went to the eye doctor and stood behind a woman that asked every nickel, dime and ten-dollar question she could before she saw the doctor.  She gave the receptionist a really hard time.  The receptionist totally dismissed her.  I was no different.  She was verbally abused by the woman in front of me and I in turn got a short, gruff, “fill this out, bring it BACK to ME!” — yes, sir! 

As I sat in the reception area looking at the frames on the wall, there was another mom and son looking for frames.  The mom had highlights, chunky wedges and a see-through black poncho on. She looked expensive and like she was “browsing” in an attempt to numb the boredom of her son’s constant frame-swapping-selfies.  I rolled my eyes.  The lady looked over at me and I just acted like my eyes were irritated.  She probably took three phone calls during her “browse-a-thon”.  All of us in the doctor’s office KNEW she was not available after 3pm, her son’s name was Taylor and that Sally would be available after 3 if the person she was talking to on the phone needed someone.  I hope the person wasn’t stranded on the road or something….  Taylor, in the meantime, had to have been 20-21 years old and would stop, put on a frame, take a selfie, walk five feet away, look in the mirror and ask his mom what she thought.  I saw this same pattern continue for about ten minutes and started to notice Taylor had a nice body.  He was really very attractive! He had a nice skin tone, good butt and was very athletic.  His phone rang.  It was a FaceTime call from his — you guessed it girlfriend.  I immediately lost interest in Taylor… and his frame-selfie dance.

The technician took me back and took all sorts of pictures of my eyes.  I, of course, made cheesy jokes about being blind and saying stuff like “can you just hand the chart to me?  I can’t see it on the wall.”  She giggled.  I felt accomplished.  The doctor told me my eyes looked tired.  She said I should take a break from wearing contacts when I get home and learn to rest in general.  The lack of rest according to her (and my mother) shows in my eyes.

$300 later, I left with a follow-up appointment, two boxes of contacts and renewed reassurance that I need to take care of myself.  Sleep is in order, I guess.  I sat at lunch with my mom and she started talking about the lady and her son Taylor.  She told me he didn’t leave with any glasses.  His mom wasn’t gonna pay.  He was walking around for an hour FaceTiming with his little girlfriend which disgusted my mom too.




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