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Shabbat: The Reading Chair and Donald Trump

Saturday, 14 May 2016 — Shabbat

Shabbat Shalom, my friends!

It’s a calm Saturday morning at my home in Downtown Pueblo, Colorado.  There is not one car running, no pedestrians I can hear, nothing.  It’s really very calm.  It’s lovely this morning.

I woke up about 5:15 hacking up a lung and could not get back to sleep, so I decided about thirty minutes later to get up and make my morning coffee and begin my Torah study.  I sat in the living room in my new “reading chair” I purchased yesterday.  This chair is leather, modern and very square and is the new evolution of my life.  I also purchased a new couch.  A super larger, grey, modern, very rectangle micro fiber goliath with large arms that can support any electronic devise or numerous amounts of fashion magazines or cookery books I may be reading. The days of my AbFab red L-shaped couch are gone.  My single bachelor couch is gone.  My new living room is coming into fruition.  I am currently looking for a coffee table and maybe some new throw pillows for the couch.  My goal of re-designing my home are coming true finally and let me share this with you: I feel MORE settled.  Chris says he feels like the apartment is finally “cozier” which he likes.  I feel like it’s home-y enough and still fits my modern, Scandinavian aesthetic.

I sat reading a passage about money.  There’s so many spiritual laws attached to money that people forget about.  There’s an old teaching that my Kabbalah teacher once taught me that God gives you just the right amount of money that you NEED. The incredibly rich and wealthy may or may not have more than their share and frankly, it’s not your business or mine to question their funds.  The poor and impoverished have way less and again, we don’t know why, but if they need help, we should help them.

As I finished reading, I fired up the New York Times and Donald Trump’s quote, “Its none of your damn business” regarding his tax records popped up on numerous headlines. It’s very funny how the Universe sends us a spiritual teaching and then less than five minutes later shows us Donald Trump (a controversial presidential candidate) telling us to keep our inquires to ourselves.

“What is he hiding?” we might ask.

“Does he have dirty hands?” financially speaking, we may also think.

“How could we trust this greedy loud mouth to be our future president?” may also run across our minds.

He’s not my business to have, really.  His arrogance is annoying to read about.  He makes me WANT to read about Kanye West’s temper tantrums or Caitlyn Jenner’s consistent plea for attention from the media. (That’s pretty bad.)

Regarding world leaders, Kabbalah teaches that these particular individuals hold a lot of power in the world and their influence can really elevate a people or just kill them off with their misuse of power.  Trump’s money matters are not my business, his leadership is though.

As I sit in my reading chair, I look at my life and think to myself: I work really hard for everything I have.  I don’t get to bitch and complain about what people say about me and get something in return for it.  Donald Trump, however, bullies media outlets, mean tweets and insults.  How can this be a leader?  What “qualities” has he shown us?

Does Donald Trump have a reading chair where he sits and thinks about little Josh Cooley in Pueblo, Colorado?  Does he question my money matters or how I run my salon?


If Donald met me or read one of my blogs, I guarantee you he’d be mean tweeting me and blasting me and bringing up old dirt.  He’s that kinda guy.  He’d make fun of everything to bring embarrassment, ridicule and possible shaming.  He’s not concerned with being nice.  He’s very hateful toward religious groups, anti-semitic and too concerned name calling.  As I read through his mean tweets, I saw him call numerous people “losers” “has-beens” and “sad”.

I think Donald is “projecting”.  He then tweeted about the IRS and said he is unfairly audited almost every single year.

Is it unfair, Donald?

I just don’t understand how he is exempt from anything.  Does he think being President would make it easier?  Anyone that has more money has more problems; any world leader has more concerns that his own IRS problems.

He’s not ready nor fit to lead a country.

I doubt he is even fit to choose a reading chair. I can do that.  I have just what I need in my life.  He, on the other hand, could not be happy being President.  He’d find a country to poke fun at and fight with.  He likes conflict.  He loves to bully.

Take a breath, Donald.  Go get yourself a reading chair and think about this.  I have. We all have.



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