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Sunday Afternoon: The Comfy Grey Couch

Sunday, 15 May 2016 —

I woke up this morning on the new couch wrapped in an Isaac Mizrahi blanket I bought in the early 2000s.  Chris was in the bathroom listening to a YouTube video while he did his hair.  He was getting ready to head to the salon for an extension client.  I was contemplating whether to lay on the couch for another half an hour like a slug or attempt making coffee and vacuuming before reading the New York Times.  The latter decision won, of course.  The new couch is super comfy.  It’s going to be tough NOT falling asleep on it.

I attempted to FaceTime my mom today before I sat down to browse all the social media nonsense.  That is totally not her thing!  My parents are not good at replying to text messages, emails or anything not “a landline”.  In their minds, 1995 is going strong!  The only thing 1995 in my house is the music.  In my mind, the 90s had great music.  The landline thing shouldn’t really urk me as I threaten people all the time with going back to email and installing one.  I could never do that!  I’m too progressive to go backwards.  My guess is that I’ll call my mom and she’ll say something along the lines of “oh.  I don’t know.  I was home.  You didn’t call me.” That’s normally how it works when talking to Mom Yvonne.  She’s the alpha in the family, you just have to bend the rules for her.  It’s just the way it is.  This is clearly where I get my difficult personality, humor and good cheek bones.

This is one Sunday where I’m excited to not have any plans.  I sometimes miss the days where it seemed super chill and so the fact that Chris is at work with an extension client means so much to me right now: I can write, I can listen to music, bathe.  All of that stuff I whine about not doing anymore.

Sitting in my living room today, I turned on my work Blackberry and searched for coffee tables.  I need to re-do the office while I’m looking at furniture and see if my color bar will EVER get built at the salon.  2016 was supposed the to be the year where I made-over everything.  It’s coming along slowly.

I treated my friend to a birthday celebration the other night and we drank vodka and red wine till our teeth were stained.  Chris had a great time as well.  We sat for nearly three and a half hours and talked about Chris’ audition for a reality show, his emails with producers,  my friends’ new play opening up this week and my attempt to produce a comedy line-up.  I have to throw the idea at Wade for some creative criticism, but my mind is pretty made up.  It’s not a task I thought I wanted to take on, but it seems like I will have to be booking agent, manager and talent: that is generally how my life works.  If I want ANYTHING done, I learn from someone with experience and take it on myself.  The only thing no one ever showed me how to do was write.  I have always been a gifted writer.  I want to eventually write and produce a one-man show.  Of course, it’s comedy based.  My life is funny as shit.

All of this came to me today while laying on the new comfy grey couch.  Go get a comfy grey couch, you’ll have an epiphany!


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