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Shabbat: #cooleyisthenewgarbo

Friday, 20 May 2016 — Shabbat

This Friday has been very calm.  Today, Chris and I worked non-stop in the salon.  We had a great day actually.  We both finished at the same time today and went to the liquor store and picked up some goodies for tonight and stopped at McDonald’s and came home where we both ate, rested and are still resting.

Recently, one of my clients gave me a free trial to Blue Apron.  I really didn’t know what to think of a subscription service where they send food and you make it.  For $60 a week, Chris and I get three meals.  It’s cheaper than going out and gives us ideas for new things to make.  Lately, we’ve been staying in a lot.  It’s been a change for me.

It seems as though every time I go out of the town, I compare Pueblo’s customer service to the customer service offered in larger demographics.  In a larger demographic, it’s very common to walk into a restaurant you’ve never been to before and you’re greeted by a smiling hostess or host and they give you the overall “schpeal” of the restaurant or business you’re visiting!  Its as if people are HAPPY to take your order, direct you through the menu, help you and WELCOME YOU. That’s not always the case in Pueblo.  The service staff tends to be very lackluster at 80% of the businesses here.  All the way from salons to restaurants to retail stores, you can expect a pause when you walk in and a muddle mumble of “hi there.” or “how can I help you” without much enthusiasm. I’m tired of the lack of enthusiasm and just have decided to stay in mostly.  I can’t handle lackluster service anymore.

Every time I come back to Pueblo from a trip, I am on my A-game in the salon for the next three months and I am hypercritical for at least two or three weeks at each restaurant or business we visit.  I just don’t get the vibe here anymore.  You should WANT to welcome business, not shun it.  I can’t possibly deal with it in my own business and can’t spend money at businesses that don’t welcome me.  I don’t want to call this entitlement, I want to call this CUSTOMER SERVICE. (We’re missing it here.)

Hence…I’ve been cooking at home. Mostly drinking at home.  Mostly staying home.

I made a prediction years ago that I would live partially like my idol Greta Garbo.  At 36, she shunned Hollywood and entered a reclusive period that would encapsulate the rest of her life.  Twice a year, she’d fly to Sweden to see family and take care of business affairs (investments) and she traveled to the Mediterranean often and partied with friends there.  Her friends didn’t tag her on Facebook or take selfies with her.  They were forbidden. (Yes, I know Facebook didn’t exist then. Page 6 did though!)

Greta Garbo had a keen sense of humor and loved art, fine furniture, game shows, nutrition and antiquing.  She would go for long walks in New York City.  She’d walk into stores, browse, hardly buy anything and walk back home.  She would walk with selected friends and had company over, but warned people NOT to talk about their conversations or share their stories with others.  She was incredibly private.  As I’ve gotten older, I am seeing this shell come up.  I just can’t deal with people anymore.  I love my friends and love to make them laugh and love performing and writing.  I really believe that Greta still regarded herself as an actress even though she would never step foot in front of a camera again.

Before this blog, I used to write about the parallels between me and Garbo.  #cooleyisthenewgarbo became a hashtag online.  People knew that as soon as I wrote this, it meant that I wanted to be “left alone”.  Chris knows what I mean by #cooleyisthenewgarbo. Regardless of us being together or even if we weren’t, I’d be the same person.  I love walking to work, I love getting a cocktail after work, I love coming home and playing music and checking my social media and reading the New York Times or a non-fiction book.  I love going out to eat, but my zeal is gone.  There are maybe 4 or 5 restaurants I would get ready for now in Pueblo.  I’ve officially given up on the rest of them.

As my Blue Apron box arrived at the salon on Thursday, I was filled with excitement.  Chris loved the food last night.  Tonight, the chicken recipe had too many mushrooms for him, but he ate the sides like a true vegetarian and I ate his chicken portion. He opened a bottle of wine and sipped his glass and went to the bedroom to rest his little allergy-laden head and watch cartoons on his Kindle.  I reverted back to Torah study and listening to an Air Playlist on Apple Music and writing.

This has become my Friday night. I remember when I used to go out and I remember when I enjoyed going out.  My life has changed.  I don’t enjoy it anymore.  I don’t enjoy bad customer service, bad friends or fake friends or fake people asking fake questions while I drink copious amounts of alcohol to “soften” their narcissistic noseyness about my life, Chris or my thoughts about so-and-so.  I’m tired of it.

I really only want to spend time in places I like with people I genuinely LOVE. “Liking” is not good enough to me.  The world is not Facebook.  I genuinely love my salon, my clients and the work I do.  I love performing and writing and have some work to do regarding getting back on stage.  It seems that I will have to start booking my own gigs and the process of beginning my book is soon.  #cooleyisthenewgarbo is in full swing once again.  The fun part with each of these #garbo periods is that I normally have a SUCCESSFUL rebirth after.

Greta knew what she was doing.  She wouldn’t have been tagged on Facebook.  She wouldn’t have been invited to your events or she would have left her invite unanswered.  She wouldn’t be obsessed with this shit called Instagram and she wouldn’t hang out with stupid, fake people taking stupid, fake selfies.  She’d be cool to drink whiskey with and talk about RuPaul’s Drag Race with and walk up and down the streets with in minimalistic sungalsses and decent shoes.  Greta would be my best friend.




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