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Sunday Afternoon: Nosh with Josh

Sunday, 22 May 2016 —

I started cleaning the house this morning about 9:45.  I woke up and saw the sunlight filling my bedroom like an auditorium during a concert and decided that any time close to 10am was late enough to sleep in.  Chris looks exhausted.  His allergies are killing him. I feel so bad for him.  I have always found that drinking coffee and sometimes taking allergy medicine works, but not always.  I jump in the shower and let the steam open my lungs and just enjoy the detoxing feeling of steam.  Sometimes when I’m really congested, I drink turmeric milk.  There’s an old Middle Eastern recipe I always follow.  The turmeric decreases inflamation and acts like an antihistamine. Maybe I should make Chris was turmeric milk.  Poor bubs.  I let him rest and went on washing dishes and vacuuming.  I know that last thing I want to do when I feel lousy is do house work.

Last night, Chris and I went to the opening of Lisa’s new play Women on Fire.  We had a blast!  The play is all monologues.  Poor Chris didn’t understand what was going on at first.  “Who the fuck are they talking to?” I could see written all over his face.  “They’re monologues, bubs.” I whispered.   He just stared at the stage for the first three performances and I think when lady #3 came out, he got it.  He started engaging.  Maybe the first two just weren’t engaging! Lisa came out for act 1 and act 2 and made me cry.  She’s such a powerful actress.  There was one lady, however, that played an advertising exec.  She talked about champagne and said “fuck” and “shit” a lot and made jokes and references to random sex, clubbing and why it feels shitty to make money.  I swear, four people came up to me and said, “that’s all shit you’d say, Josh!”

Yes it fucking was, assholes! 

I found the whole monologue so funny.  I told the actress afterward and she just stared at me.  She looked bothered.  We left shortly after.  I had no interest to kiss ass to the cast.  I said, “thank you” and “great job” and Lisa, B, Chris and I went off to The Shamrock for drinks and a little Nosh with Josh.

We got to The Shamrock and the place looked kind of quiet for a Saturday night.  I tell you: only 9:40 pm in Pueblo can look like that.  Anywhere else? Nope.  It’s Saturday night friends!  Get with it!  The server sat us in the middle of the dining room.  Hi, awkward! In true Josh and Lisa style, we just drank and ate shrimp and artichoke dip and talked about what it’s like to be writers and performers.  We talked about gender-neutral bathrooms, Damentia Madrilliano doing some comedy and Lisa and I possibly doing a web series with Chris in the fall.  It was all very fun.  No one got drunk, no one slurred, no one had purple teeth from drinking too much wine like most other times we hang out.  It was very nice actually.  This intimacy of friendship is the kind of friendship I find fulfilling.  I remember meeting Tabatha Coffey years ago and they took her to The Shamrock after her lecture and it was very much so the same vibe.  It was a coolness and relaxation around people I haven’t felt in some time.

This afternoon, I spent about an hour on Facebook messaging and interacting with everyone.  It felt nice to have casual conversation like the early days of social media.  I had a  few text conversations going on at the same time on my Blackberry with a couple of client-friends and Levi from Andy Mac’s and Lisa.  Looks like I’m hosting comedy in June sometime.  The real work comes tomorrow booking talent and designing a digital poster this week.  I’m enlisting some hand-selected talent that I still need to contact to support this venture.  Comedy without Wade has not been the same, ya know?  I can’t sit and wallow though.  I just have to make it happen. So here it goes…



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