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Sunday Afternoon: Legacy-Making

Sunday, 29 May 2016 — Memorial Day Weekend

I woke up this morning about 10:12 am and layed in bed until nearly 11am.  I looked out the window that had one of the blinds half opened and half closed and looked over at Chris.  I was wondering if he was “fake sleeping” or really just peaceful.  His face was in the odd place between restfulness and “wake up at any moment”.  I slid out of bed and made some coffee and began picking up the house.

Chris has been spending more time at home lately and has been cleaning and cooking.  This house husband role is alright once and a while, but he and I are creative, active individuals.  It’s time to get out!  Luckily, Demetria and Joe called this morning while I was cleaning house to invite us over.  I’m excited to get out of the house and see them and their new house.  I’m sure there’s a bottle of whiskey with mine and Joe’s name on it somewhere and some amazing food and laughs.  Of course, baby Olivia will just entrance Chris and me while we take breaks talking inappropriately about people, the world or both.

This week has been the end of a month that I am glad to close the pages on.  May seemed long and unruly in terms of business.  I was busy, but I felt like I was committed financially to everything and everyone all month long.  Tax season has left me annoyed.  Meetings with my accountant have left me annoyed as she’s placed me on a new budget and I’m biting the bullet pretty goddamned hard these days.  I just want to escape to Europe under a new identity and assume that my life behind could be a fabulous legacy or a “What Coulda Been” story.  Budgeting is not my favorite… neither is staying in.  So today is a welcome outing.

I received news this week as the cherry on my over-budgeted sundae:  I have been invited by Label.m to attend educator training in July in Florida.  They are forming their United States team and I was chosen out of who knows how many people.  The International Artistic Director and I have been exchanging emails and it looks like a genuine interaction of acceptance.  I’m hoping this next journey with a company makes a profitable and fulfilling one.  My stints at Farouk Systems (2008-2010) and Joico (2012-2014) look good on a resume as well as my styling of the late Joan Rivers, other comedians and a soon-to-be Victoria’s Secret model.  I just keep building this resume, but now it’s time to create a legacy.

As I layed in bed this morning looking at Chris, I thought about all of this.  In a month and a half, my life could very well be changing when I return from Florida.  It’s time to dip both my feet in the water and move forward into a great career, an inspirational story, a decision made by me solely.

Every time I have worked education/corporate hair jobs, I always thought about my mom and dad and what they were thinking.  With my mom retired and my dad and she at home, Adrian moved out and me moving on in business, it seems as though for the first time at thirty-something years old, I have made the conscious decision to make decisions without consulting my family.  It’s a different feeling.  It’s good, but very permanent.  There’s no approval by mom or wise words from dad.   It simply is what it is: MY decision without anyone’s bias.

Welcome to being a grown-up, Joshua.  Now, time for BBQ, whiskey and legacy-making.



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