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Sunday Night: Maintenance

Sunday, 5 June 2016 — 

This weekend was one of the very few where I stayed home and just decided it was time to walk away from any obligations to the salon or anything else that could possibly piss me off.  It was blisteringly warm in the apartment as the central air seems to be acting up again.  I cannot get it cooled down in the apartment at all.  It seems like I have a yearly issue.  Chris and I hooked up every fan we had in the bedroom last night and it was rather pleasant.  He told me the salon is kind of hot and that he was going to look at the air conditioner himself. I’m taking him up on this offer.  Tomorrow I’m going to let him clock in as “maintenance man”.

Chris and I ran errands today.  I stopped for a couple of iced coffees today and even went looking through thrift stores.  Chris has exposed me to the world of bargain buying and looking for repurposed stuff.  It’s bizarre to me what people donate, throw out or think wasn’t useful anymore.  I love looking through CDs and dishes.  There’s part of me that wants my dishes to be 1960s and 1970s for the mere nostalgia and quality.  There was not a shitty Pyrex-piece ever made!  All the store-away containers from the sixties and seventies are high quality and HEAVY.  Everything is so mass-made these days: cheap plastic, Chinese import items made in sweat shops and factories reign supreme to the consumer and SADLY  they are over priced 100x so we can make a profit.  Gimme some sturdy, heavy casseroles and Pyrex any day!  If you ask me: we’re missing out now days! Quality was an investment in the decades past.  Everything –people and relationships included– are so disposable now.

With June in full swing,  I start taking three-month inventory of my world.  It’s probably time to detox for a few days, it’s probably time to give the car an oil change, sort through drawers and deep-clean rooms.  I always do this!  I go through my mobile and decide what names have to stay and what names are welcome to go.  Are there folks I don’t talk to anymore?  Are there people that don’t reach out to me anymore?  Should I check in with them or move on? You’re guess is as good as mine.  I have a couple of emails to work on tonight.  One of those emails, sadly, is a reply to a client.  I’m firing her.  She’s just too much to handle, is disrespectful, walks in late, super nosey, no-shows and blames it on my assistant and this last week she didn’t inform me she was not able to pay for her service.  I worked for two hours and wasn’t paid until the next day.  No tip.  Wrote a check.  Gimme a break!  I don’t have time for her anymore.  You, my dear, are deleted.

Taking a weekend away from the salon was needed.  I just wanted to lay in bed all day and eat pepperoni and drink sparkling water.  The sparkling water happened, the pepperoni did not.  Tuesday, the electrician comes by to look at my central air.  Tomorrow, Chris will inform me of what’s going on with the air conditioner at work.

Life is always a work in progress, isn’t it?


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