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Wednesday Morning: 11 Things I’m Tired Of

Wednesday, 8 June 2016 —

It’s 3:44 am as I type this.  I have layed in bed for the past 90 minutes pondering life, thinking about my business, thinking about finances, thinking about my home, thinking about my family, my friends, work associates, friends I don’t talk to anymore, clients, clients that have become friends, the general public, the political shit show the United States is seeing happen in front of their eyes, my parents, everything.  I am awake with a constant disdain in my thoughts and an eye roll so fierce I could do back flips.

I have come to one conclusion for all of this angst: I’m tired.

Bare with me as we all go through these moments in time and I list them all off.  I have only been at this point a few times and let me tell you, I either blow up at people or I just stop talking and start changing things and people feel left out.  We all feel this way from time to time and I feel this is the most honest by putting it in words for the world to see.  Maybe you’ll agree with me here, maybe some of you will be upset by this.  Frankly, my loves, I don’t care one way or the other.  If you agree, we have some solidarity.  If any of this upsets you as a reader, we either have a lot to talk about or you’re doing something wrong on this list.

I’m tired of the following…

  1. I’m tired of people being late for shit.  Hair appointments, business meetings, dinner plans, all of it.  Please get a watch or pay attention already.  In the age of the smart phone, you have no excuse to be late.  Get your shit together, please.  
  2. I’m tired of people lying.  If you don’t like something I have to say, tell me.  Don’t tell me everything is alright and then talk behind my back and act like things are alright when you see me face-to-face.  Tell the truth! Did I upset you?
  3. I’m tired of people not being honest about their feelings.  Please stop sugar coating and spit it out already!  Are you pissed, grumpy, sad, hurt? WHAT! You’re going to gain more friends being honest than hiding your feelings.
  4. I’m tired of people being rude and making side comments.  The most passive aggressive sons-a-bitches make side comments and try to play them off as jokes.  If you don’t have anything nice to say, shut the fuck up, smile and move on.
  5. I’m tired of people complaining about money.  Get a second job, drink at home, don’t drink at all, take up a hobby that reoccupies your time, deep clean your house or work space, but please shut up.  It all comes down to budgeting and knowing if you are bringing enough money in to support your “habit” called life.  Stop bitching, start earning.
  6. I’m tired of nosey people.  No, I will not share with you the intimate details of my relationship, how much I spent on booze or haircolor last year and why I don’t want to have children.  Stop asking those questions.  While we’re at it…
  7. I’m tired of people sticking their nose in my relationship.  From Day #1, people have doubted me and Chris.  They tell me that they think he’s cute and they’re so happy for me, but as soon as I talk about a disagreement we had or a bad day, they all want me to throw him to the wolves.  Come on!  You are a bunch of wimps.  Remember when relationships mattered?  Do you remember that relationships are work?  It is! Believe me! I KNOW!!  It’s always sunnier on the other side isn’t?  Just toss people away like we toss away a perfectly good laptop or iPhone these days (NOT!).  People are NOT upgrades and you cannot keep thinking that you can just turn them in for a new model.  Stop asking me about how my home life works.  It works perfect when people get their goddamned nose out of my business!
  8. I’m tired of people getting offended by every fucking thing.  I like dark, sad, cynical humor.  Sometimes its not politically-correct.  Some of it is race-oriented or gay-centric or sexual.  If you don’t like it, frankly, you’re thinking too hard.  Pull the stick out of your ass and learn to laugh.
  9. I’m tired of people not returning their messages.  If I’m calling, texting or emailing that means I’m reaching out to you for something. You’re on Facebook and Instagram all fucking day (I see your posts and check-ins), how about you shut down your apps for ten minutes and return your messages?
  10. I’m tired of your gym selfies.  Good for you, you made a healthy choice.  I don’t care if you do CrossFit.  Let me share something with you: the people you work out with are NOT your family and they do not root for you to be nice, they do it “in the moment”.  They go home and closet-eat Oreos and McDonald’s like you and call it a “cheat day” and make fun of your work out shoes and problem areas.  Stop.  Just stop this madness.  No one cares.
  11. I’m tired of standing up for myself and my choices.  I am me.  This is me. I act this way, I talk this way, I am Josh Cooley.  I never tried harder in my life to be anything more than who I present.  If you think I’m rude, whatever.  Get over it.  If you think I’m funny, thanks.  I think I’m funny too.  If you think I’m too opinionated, maybe its time for you to open your mind and let some honest feedback saturate your brain.  Most people that have high opinions of others are generally jealous, envious or lonely.  Don’t make my demeanor or evaluating my psyche your past time.

Yes, friends.  I’m tired.  It’s 4:04 am.  I’m drinking coffee and looking at everything that needs to get done today.  There’s a lot to do, but first, I’m gonna relax, read a book and re-read my list of things I’m tired of.  In all, I think most people are fabulous and I love talking to folks when I see them out and getting feedback about my blog, Facebook page, salon, public doings, all that shit, but lately, I feel like people have just lost their damn minds.  If  I could put 60% of my daily contacts over my lap and spank them right now I would.

Get up. Get ready.  Put a smile on your face.  Be prepared to take on the world.  Speak honestly. Be polite.  Don’t bullshit people.  Don’t be lazy.  Get off your phones.  Look at people when they are talking to you.  Be patient.  Be kind.  Remember that NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT YOU and finally — be you.



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