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Sunday Afternoon: Empathy and Acceptance

Sunday, 19 June 2016 — 

I woke up this morning and was in a foul mood.  This whole Orlando thing threw me for a loop last week.  I can’t justify anyone just opening fire on a group of people just because he doesn’t like them or didn’t agree with their lifestyle.  The whole situation made me upset when I thought about it.  The other thing that really pissed me off was seeing friends and clients post anti-Muslim slurs and words on Facebook.  Are you kidding me?  Who are you to say those things and be so nasty?  This man wasn’t representing Islam.  At least, he’s not representing the Islam I know.  Friends of mine that are Muslim are the most compassionate people I know.  This whole “attack the Muslims” mentality is not acceptable to me.  I figure that most of these people are also Trump supporters.  For what its worth, the hatefulness killed my spirit and this has been on my mind all week.  I really lack respect for people that hate others because of their culture, sexuality or religion.  I have lost so much respect this past week and just roll my eyes looking at their shit online.  We should be mourning the loss of human life, not blaming a group of people for it cos of some dumb fucker.  Blame him, not the whole group he has misrepresented!  The media certainly hasn’t helped this.

Yesterday my blog and Facebook Live post made people very happy.  I received so many messages and so much good feedback.  I wish #onlylove would become a Universal hashtag.  By representing #onlylove, I want folks to understand that if you are going to be hateful, there is no room for it in my world.  If you are offering critique, I get it.  Radical online terrorism reigns supreme and I am simply not open to it.  By representing #onlylove, I have ONE intention: acceptance and respect. If someone wants to be hateful and hate a whole group of folks and ask people to support him or her, I simply can’t stand back idle and silent, that person should be talked about and we should reach out to them and tell them it’s not okay behavior.  Out of love for humanity, I am begging the human race to be kind to one another.  Please stop the hate.  There’s no future for us with hateful words and intentions.

Last night Chris and I fell asleep in our air conditioned living room for the second night in a row.  We ate Mexican food and watched Jumpin’ Jack Flash (my favorite movie of all time) and I had a moment of pure wonderment that I hadn’t felt in some time.  We bought a shit ton of used books yesterday and I fell asleep next to the pile on the couch.  The fact that I woke up with so much angst in my heart baffles me.  Maybe I’m more of an empath than I know… or want to accept.


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