Monday Afternoon: Monday Continues On…

Monday, 20 June 2016 —

Where have my days of ambition gone?  I took a lot of time off this past week.  I stopped in briefly on Saturday and was off yesterday and scheduled maintenance at the salon today and had to go early, open up and here it is noon and I have locked up and I’m home.  I feel like I’ve needed to be away.  Summer in the salon is a whole other game.  It’s not as busy nationally for salons in the summer.  It’s a great time to take vacations, give support staff time off and get some maintenance taken care of which is exactly what I’ve done.  It’s different.  It’s definitely summer vacation as I’ve erased the dress code for the season until cooler weather graces us.  I don’t expect anyone to wear jeans on a 103-degree day.  I’m not THAT mean of a person… not even for fashion.

Today someone inquired about the space next door to the salon.  He seems nice.  I told him if he’d like to come look around, I have a key and he can check out the space.  He started asking me all kinds of questions about price and deposits.  I’m not the landlord, I don’t know! I don’t want to discourage the poor dude, but man, what does he want me to tell him? I gave him the average rent in this area and he said it was high.  Well, hell yeah, its high!  We have prime real estate in Downtown Pueblo.  It’s a desirable area for small business.  I just want to council him about starting a business.  I just kind of signed a lease and wrote a check and said, “let’s go” without really thinking my business through.  I was determined to get into my own space! That’s called faith, y’all!

There’s a band and a couple of internet sensations appearing at a local coffee shop tomorrow and Chris wants to go.  I went by to buy tickets today and there was a ridiculous line, so I’m going to try going again this afternoon after I tan or work out.  I can’t handle being in a long line in a small space.  It’s so claustrophobic and awkward.  I really don’t want to talk to strangers or make friends with a bunch of pastel-headed little kids that drink coffee.  I can’t.  I simply cannot.  Chris wants to go and I’m up for it.  It’ll probably be a lot of fun, but I can’t handle small-space lines. I don’t have a big enough pair of sunglasses that says “do not disturb” enough for this line.

Monday continues on.  My agenda is officially open.  I guess I should call my dad and see if he’d like to go to lunch, but I’d like to get to the gym and tan first.  I always bitch about missing those, but when the moment comes where I’m available to go to both, I just want to stay home.  I need more motivation.  If there was someone with a head of hair sitting in front of me, I might have more desire to do more.  I don’t know how to be home.  It’s sad, really.



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