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Real Tea, Real Me 6/20

Monday, 20 June 2016 

Time: 12:38 AM

Soundtrack in the background: Madonna’s Confessions on a Dancefloor album 

Beverage in hand: Dasani Sparkling Lime Sparkling Water 

I wanted to take a moment away from the normal format of LuxeLove by JRy and add to the “supplement” blog series, if you will, about what I’m REALLY working on AND thinking. I don’t want to write about stories of my life, spirituality, or any of the other fun stuff I usually create a story for. There are things that I love to talk about in my blog and I love to keep the ball rolling in a storyteller style. At some point, one grows tired of that. Real Tea, Real Me is just a nice way of saying “let me cut the bullshit and the editing, here’s what I’m REALLY thinking about.” So…. here it goes.

Father’s Day

“I didn’t do anything for Father’s Day.  My mom actually took the day to treat my dad to a really amazing dinner out of town.  She let me know last week that they were heading out for the weekend.  It’s been a bit of a shake up and life change for them this past year with Chris and I living together, Adrian moving out and living with her boyfriend and they are taking on life as a couple of empty nesters! Believe me, I hear it from other people and in passive comments from time to time that ‘everyone is out doing THEIR own thing’.  Yes I am.  Thank you for noticing! I want to take my dad out to eat and catch up with him.  I took my mom out the day after Mother’s Day, maybe this day-after stuff will be the new tradition I start.”


“In an attempt to wake up the world and add to the wonderful chaos of social media, I’m putting myself to the test and starting the hashtag #onlylove for a movement of love and respect of all human kind.  I’ve used this hashtag many times for many months on Instagram, but in the wake of the tragedy that occured in Orlando and the increasing Anti-Muslim propaganda I’m seeing on the internet, I think it’s now that we all band together and start respecting each other and expressing #onlylove.  The world is in a crucial moment in history where I truly believe that we could blow each other up and cease to exist.  Some would call this a sign of the “end times” or Armageddon Pre-Op, I would call this a lack of human compassion.  When you disrepect someone or another group of people, you bounce that karma right back to yourself and your life and your loved ones, your business, you health, your home and everything you touch.  We need to focus on love and less on hate and less on disrespecting others.  This hatred has to stop or we’re in for it.  No one can blame the Creator or Satan for this.  It’s us.  We’re all a bunch of vicious animals acting like savages.  It’s scary out there.  I’m ready to bunker myself in my home and give up on being social with this madness, but that would be fear expressed.  I can’t allow that.  #onlylove from now on friends.”

Best of Pueblo nominations

“As I prepare for my trip to Florida in July for Label.m and come back to host a huge event a week later, I know the announcement for nominations being taken by The Pueblo Chieftain for Best of Pueblo are nigh.  Last year, I wrote an expose blog about the unfairness of the system and the rumors told to me by ad reps at The Chieftain.  The more ads you pay for, the more likely you are to be nominated and win.  Rumors are that the salon category has automatically been rigged and last year I received a ton of hate mail and personal messages from ‘the accused’ mother of being a bad egg.  She said I don’t represent Pueblo very well.  Really, bitch?  Wanna see my resume? Her message was that of a hurt mother, I get that, but her baby is grown up and should know better and practice better business ethics.  Moreso, if there really is rigging and buying of votes and cheating being done in the ad department, I suggest The Cheiftain get that department stapled back together.  Unless bribery is okay in which case I can cook a mean pasta dinner.  Would that guarantee me a nomination if I cater one day?  Have I been told scuttlebutt for no reason?  They killed my Best Blogger category a couple of years ago, so it doesn’t effect me.  They introduced Best Stylist a couple of years ago and I’m annoyed that three people from the same company won all three placements.  It smells fishy to me.  It’s too fishy actually.  I wasn’t raised on a farm, but I know what bull shit smells like when I smell it. July is generally when the ballots fill up online.  People tell me they vote.  If there’s a category for Biggest Gossip or Biggest Blabbermouth, fill in my name please.  Word on the street is that I’ve been blacklisted from ever being nominated again for talking shit about the local paper.  Gimme a break!  I have always been vocal and alot of people feel the same way I do.  Get over it.  This wouldn’t be the first organization in this city that has blacklisted me.  I would never refer to myself as a trouble maker.  I would call myself a firestarter.  Madonna is a fire starter.  Kanye is a firestarter.  Obama is a firestarter.  Get over yourself if you think I’m offensive and need to be put in my place.  I add to this community.  I have obtained a certain notoriety.  This is not ego talking, its the reality of it. Thanks for your consideration.” 

Time Ended: 12:55 AM 




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