Sunday Afternoon: Busy, believe me. 

Sunday, 26 June 2016 —

I woke up this morning about 11 o’clock.  I cannot believe that I slept as long as I did. Usually I’m up about eight o’clock or nine on Sundays. Last night Chris and I came home and we were so tired that we both fell asleep in the living room right after work. Our day began at 7 AM setting up for a wedding party at salon.  We worked with the wedding party till about noon and then started a full day of color clients. I was ridiculously tired and spent by the time I saw 4:30 on the clock. I was on definite people overload. I’m still on people overload. It wasn’t like we just had one guest back to back all day long, we were sitting numerous people at one time all day long. 

I discovered how to plug in my iPhone to the Fiat and listen to all kinds of music on Apple Music while I drive. How old am I? I know people are going to read this and think to them selves “Josh, people have done this for years.” I feel like I just now discovered what a USB port does.  It’s remarkable to me how spoiled we’ve become. My very first car had a cassette player and CDs were kind of the thing then. I either had to learn how to listen to the radio or I had to make mixes on a tape old-school status. It’s only now that I have driven a car that has a CD player and now streaming music is the latest greatest. Where did the fucking time go?

I woke up last night about 9 o’clock and started texting everybody that had pending messages on my iPhone waiting to be opened.  I felt so apologetic as a friend because I was supposed to meet one of them out for drinks, I haven’t seen one in probably two weeks, and another one of mine was on my brain all day because she’s had a difficult couple days.  In preparation for my Label.m trip to Florida, I’ve been really trying to keep on top of my to-do lists and reach out to my friends and family and make sure everybody’s taken care of on a personal level.  I know as soon as I start working for this brand that I’m going to become really really busy and I am going to miss the days of coming home and crashing on my couch and waking up at 9 o’clock texting everybody and trying to figure out the USB port in the Fiat. 

When people ask me “what’s new?”, my most predicted response is “I’m just busy.”

Believe me. 


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