Thursday Morning: Routine or not?

Thursday, 7 July 2016 —

I feel like there’s a giant clock ticking above my head before I head to Florida next week.  There’s stuff to finish, there’s bills to pay, there’s orders to call in, sales meetings to have, all kinds of stuff before I get on a plane and head out.

I remember getting on a plane and traveling for Joico and just understanding in my head that sometimes you can “do it up” big and sometimes simple is better.  As I’ve gotten older, its almost better to accept that “simple is better”.  We don’t need to live decadently every single day.  I have one goal while in Florida: have some really good sushi at some point.  Other than that, I need to calm my happy ass down and understand that I’m honestly there for work and need to breathe.

As I get settled into my life a bit more in my thirties, I can tell you something that sets in as you settle in: routine.  I look forward to routine in the morning and at work, it’s the afterwork hours that really blow my brain into itty-bitty pieces.  I can’t stand being home in the evening unless I’m going to cook something good and watch some great trash TV.  Chris is of a different era where people “stream” on their phones and Kindles and if the WiFi is wonky, so is their attitude for the day.  The only time the internet pisses me off is when I can’t listen to music or when we need the internet to run a credit card in the salon.  Other than that, if the internet or my cell service is being weird, I’ve learned to wait 5 minutes and normally all is well.

I woke up this morning about 3:30 am.  Chris fell asleep watching YouTube or Hulu or something and I, for once, was too cold.  I’ve shared with you once or twice before that I like the house temperature to be between 65-68 degrees. Once we start to see 71-72 cree[ up on the thermostat, I freak out.  Outdoors, I wish it was always 75 and sunny.  Inside: ice box. As I was standing in the kitchen drinking iced tea (at 3 am, mind you), I wondered if this was all there would ever be in the world.  Will I grow old in the same routine? Save my money to go on trips, eat out a couple of times a week and read books til I’m old enough to write contribution checks to a nice Jewish hospital? This certainly can’t be so! How many people get stuck in a routine and just get old doing that?

I think this little work excursion has me excited!  I’ve been “land locked” for the past couple of years and need to get out of my zip code.  Part of me is excited and part of me wants to be here and there at both times.  Part of going against the grain of the sedentary routine I dread is understanding that when I’m away, I’m away and when I’m back to take care of business, I’m back.

Florida! Here I come!



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