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Tuesday: “Get Me Out of Here”

Tuesday, 26 July 2016 — 

Today I received an email from Richard, the North American International Artistic Director of Label.m.  Richard is, essentially, one of my new bosses at Label.m.  He controls all the artistic doings of the brand in the Americas.  For someone like me to move up in the ranks at Label.m, I am going to have to know the brand like the back of my hand and be willing to pay my dues.  Both of these don’t worry me.  My biggest worry is becoming too big of a pest to Richard.  I’m sure a week after leaving Ft. Lauderdale, he’s being bombarded with emails about working for the brand more in depth.  As for now, I’m planning on going back in September.  I have to get the green light though to be able to help for a large industry event.  I want this as much as anyone else, so I have to keep in mind there are 60 other people in my position.  If he says he’ll touch base in late August/September, it means, don’t bother him til the end of August.  So until late August, I’m gonna stay relatively quiet and not pester Richard too much.  Last thing I need to do is be blacklisted from Label.m for being a fucking bug-a-boo.

This past weekend Chris and I went to see the Absolutely Fabulous movie.  I cannot believe an iconic show like AbFab has limited release in the United States! Only one theater in Colorado Springs had the movie playing.  Chris and I went and loved every moment of it.  As I look around, I see Chris and I traveling more, even for movies thirty minutes away.  Pueblo, as much as I love it, is not advancing in the modern world.  I’m feeling very much so like an outsider in my own little city that made me so happy so long ago.  On Sunday,  I went to Hacienda Colorado and CostCo with my parents –once again– in Colorado Springs. Is there any reason besides my clients to stay in Pueblo?

Time to save more money for more trips.  It’s astonishing to me to see that folks have become content and complacent with little to no new businesses or restaurants here.  Thank God for Blue Apron, the Fiat, and the internet or I’d feel like I was living in Mayberry.  I feel like sending another email to Richard and the corporate team with a picture of an abandoned building or a ghost town airbrushed city (or downtown Pueblo at 7am on a Monday morning) with the caption: “get me out of here”.

Label.m or not, I’m on a plane more this year.  There’s absolutely no way I can stay in this town and age like the facades of our old buildings.  Time to facelift my life a bit.  The new facelift involves much less of the existing scenery.  2016/2017 should be interesting.  I’m sure people will be scratching their heads wondering how I went from Greta Garbo to full blown expat of Pueblo, Colorado.  The clock is ticking friends.  Really, it is.


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