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Monday Night: Botox or not…

Monday, 01 August 2016 —

Today was one of those Mondays where I didn’t have much on the books, but had a mental list of stuff to do.  Who knew Pueblo had lunch time traffic?! After cussing and pausing the music multiple times and taking 20 minutes over my projected estimate of time to complete my visit to the bank and Starbucks, I walked into the salon shaking my head and telling Chris how much I hated people.  Driving is not difficult folks, but it seems like NOT looking at your smart phones and obeying traffic laws is.  God in Heaven!  I wanted to pull over and wait for the madness to subside.  Smart phones are NOT steering wheels!  Eyes on the road, people!

Since I’ve gotten back from Florida, I’ve been in ridiculous demand!  Whether it’s the Label.m endorsement or just the way the Universe is working, it’s all working in my favor.  We can’t keep up in the salon.  I’m very happy that it’s busy, believe me.  It’s a good problem to have is what I’m told.  The downside is that everyone keeps telling me I look tired, so that probably means I need a botox appointment.  Adrian took a picture of me yesterday and what people see as “tired” looked like “annoyed”.  Whatever it is, the lines, the bags, the sags all gotta go — but the demand can stay.

Tonight I’m creating the invitations for my birthday party.  I love throwing a party and I love entertaining!  Last year I threw a party and it was a major success.  The biggest challenge is making the guest list.  There are some folks that get along and some that don’t.  When I think there may be friction, I just don’t invite either party.  As much as I make jokes about starring in a reality show, I do not need my birthday party to turn into a Bravo TV special.  My dad wasn’t fond of the picture of me smoking a cigarette on the back of the invite last year, but frankly, I couldn’t care less.  It’s time to accept that I’m grown, smoke, drink, cuss, entertain and have a great time… botox or not, a party will be planned.


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