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Wednesday: An Apple a Day…

Wednesday, 3 August 2016 —

Today I had lunch with my friend Laurel and it felt so good to just hang out and talk.  I feel like I just woke up from a nightmare in my life and am finally getting back on track.  There’s moments of shine that brighten up my days and today was certainly one of them.  We went to a new coffeehouse in town.  The bagels were huge! There was no way I was going to tackle that bad boy as a sandwich successfully (nor would I want to).  It had been a couple months since I saw Laurel.  I said, “it’s been a long month, hasn’t it?” She corrected me that it had been a couple and I had to go back and think: “oh yeah, it has.”  I’m not always the best at keeping track of the last time we hung out.  I just believe in having quality time when you have the opportunity.

My brand new MacBook Air arrived today and I was beaming like a child at Christmastime. I have talked about getting a new Mac for a long time and today was finally the day!  Chris walked into the salon while I was doing the set up and said, “oh, gosh, bubs! I didn’t even realize that was your new computer.  I thought it was a big ass iPad!”

The world of iCloud is very convenient for people like me that are not afraid of big brother.  I love having accessibility from all my devices and it finally feels good to have a “home base”. I have wanted a new computer for years.  Literally, years. Today all those years made me happy in the culmination of a saving tips and justifying the large purchase.  Opening the box was almost a religious experience for me.  I felt baptized by Mac and spoke Apple Tongues in rejoicement. Excuse me as I turn almost evangelical when in comes to Apple products. 

Chris and I have been watching DVDs at home lately.  Last night was “Golden Girls” and last week was all about “Married with Children” and “Family Guy”.  I fired up the new Mac and told Chris “I have to check and make sure that Flash works”.  Really, Josh? Like Apple was gonna sell me a lemon?

Get a grip Cooley. We know you love anything Apple.

Overall a very enjoyable day.  It’s been a while since I’ve said that and meant it.


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