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Monday Night: The Bullied Preschooler and the Rockstar

Monday, 8 August 2016 —

Chris and I started Monday off running errands together before we hit the salon and tackled clients.  He worked his ass off today!  It’s crazy watching him work.  He has his chemical services down!  I remember when I first started and the hard time the staff gave me at my first salon.

“No one will ever come back to you”, they’d say.

“If someone prebooks with you, it’s cos they like you, not cos you’re technically gifted.”

“People will get tired of waiting for your three hour cut and colors.” 

I think back to all the stuff I was told and I remember being so upset. What a bunch of bitches!  My dad used to tell me it was like working with a personal trainer: it hurts now, but it will only make you better.  I’m still not buying that it was good for me as I have mild PTSD when anyone mentions “timing” or being “in a hurry”.  I remember my first boss telling to the put the “pedal to the fucking metal.”

Can you imagine working in that environment? I did for five years.  I refuse to ever be like that in my own salon.  By coincidence, the girl sitting in Chris’ chair went to my first salon and hated her hair.  She felt rushed and doubted the colorist’s education level.  I see now that six years later, life up the street has not changed for their staff.  A bullying atmosphere that presents the facade of “nurturing” is not what I would call a successful business model.

I sent Chris a text when he left the salon.  I knew he’d be home either resting or checking on our crab babies.  I’m very proud of him.  Even though he’s my partner in life, I have not done anything in the salon to push him further ahead without hard work, in fact, I would argue that I’ve been harder on him.  He’s going to benefit from working with me.  I never once called down his work or belittled him the way I was.  In the end, I’m a tough cookie, but I still feel like a bullied preschooler from time to time when folks like the girl today mention that they went there to originally get their hair done and were unsatisfied.  I can only pray folks are happy in my business and don’t doubt us like they doubt other salons in town.

Tonight, I’m focusing on relaxing.  The errands today started a bit earlier than usual for a Monday as we normally do not open until noon.  Chris and I were out the door by nine.  I really can’t bare to look at Facebook or anything salon-related tonight.  It’s DVRed TV shows for me and quesadillas for dinner.  Tomorrow, I’m working half a day and Chris is taking the other half and Wednesday I have the day off.  Thank goodness.  It’s time to melt into my bed and catch up on some Hulu this week in my downtime.


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