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Wednesday Afternoon: The List and the Day Off

Wednesday, 10 August 2016 — An Actual Day Off… How did that happen?

Last night Chris and I fell asleep in the living room.  I was up till about midnight watching Beth Minardi education videos on YouTube.  He was playing some game he’s been obsessed with lately.  He’s leading in score, I believe.  It’s a team sorta thing.  I was very proud of him, but don’t really know how it works.  I don’t know how much of the internet works much these days or I’m not interested, more so. I was so excited to lay down and watch YouTube videos with my earbuds in.  On a normal evening, that would never happen.  I act like I’m busier than I really am when I get home, but truth is, I’m generally very bored at home.  There’s probably something to clean, but that’s never fun to do, is it? I woke up this morning and heard Chris watching YouTube videos in the bedroom.  Poor bubs, we should have gotten up and went to bed, but I just did not want to move from my big comfy couch.

I addressed the last of my birthday invitations this morning.  I was totally thinking that the RSVP listed was August 13th (this Saturday), but it’s actually the 19th! I opened the box from Shutterfly yesterday and immediately looked at the date.  I don’t know why I was so worried.  I know I proofread these things over and over.  I always have a fear that they’ll be printed wrong or a vindictive worker at Shutterfly will purposely wanna fuck my shit up.  The menu is all planned for the party, the drink specials are in place, my goal today is to mail these suckers and get some adult party favors.  It’s funny, I am very leery of discussing my birthday party in the salon as not everyone is invited.  It’s tough narrowing that list down.  I’m not someone that invites EVERYONE. I don’t even invite most family members.  I refuse to worry about cussing too much, drinking too much or someone being offended or feeling out of place.  If I think they won’t gel, I just don’t invite them.  I love my party so much and want to have a good time on a Sunday afternoon.  Let’s hope people don’t read the blog and get sad that they aren’t invited.  Of course, it’s a Josh Cooley event, so there’s a controversy surrounding it hidden in some corner of the gossip world. LOL.

A day off in the world of Josh consists of the most menial things: cleaning the house or at least tidying up, breakfast and then like 90 minutes to two hours of reading The New York Times, checking emails and messages, social media and blogging.  After two hours, my ass gets sore and I contemplate going to the gym (I never do).  I’m hoping to get to the tanning salon today and run some errands and maybe take in lunch with Chris somewhere.  Once that happens, really it’s over.  That’s a day off.  I don’t want to discuss hair today if I can avoid it.  I don’t want to be a son, partner or best friend today either. I just want to breathe in my Joshdom.  It sounds so selfish, but seriously, I haven’t had a peaceful moment to myself since before I left for Ft. Lauderdale last month!

I have been told over and over again and again that I look tired this past three weeks.  People think they’re being sincere, but they don’t understand how fucking defeating that is to hear.  Shut up!  Do I tell you I see your circles under your eyes and you look bloated? I mean really! “You look and seem really tired, Josh”.  Is that their way of getting closer to me and pretending to break the ice for the day?

I’ll tell you what it’s not: it’s not a way to get on the list to my birthday party. Remember that.



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