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Monday Evening: Terrible Liars

Monday, 15 August 2016 —

Today was a bit aggravating at the salon.  Folks can’t seem to understand timing and how important it truly is.  Please read your emails.  Please read your texts.  Call if you have questions.  That’s all I can say.  Every time someone shows up at the wrong time or thinks they’re right and wants to argue with me, I want to argue back.  Today, I gave up.  I said, “well, that’s not what I had on the books, but we’ll get you started.”  What are you gonna do, ya know?

I was so aggravated for (seriously) a couple of hours. I can’t literally reiterate myself enough.  When someone books an appointment with me, they get an email confirming it to their iPhone or Google calendar, they hit “accept” or “decline” and it inserts into their smartphone.  The week of their appointment, they get a text reminder.  What do they want me to do?  Drive to their homes and honk? “HEY! You’re appointment’s at noon today!” 

I give up on some clients…I will admit to it.  I don’t even want to keep some in the know cos they don’t even check their messages, but God forbid they have to call off or move their appointment: they text, they call, they Facebook, they stalk me on the way to Starbucks practically.

I think we should go back to the old days when my Guela worked in salons in the sixties: No confirmations.  You made an appointment, you showed up… on time.

Best part of today is the ending.  Chris is cooking.  He’s making enchiladas.  I’m sipping vodka. I looked at my work phone and had two more text messages from folks that “forgot” their appointments were this week.

No you didn’t.  You’re all terrible liars when you need to reschedule.



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