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Friday Afternoon: Grow a Pair

Friday, 19 August 2016 — 

Sitting in the salon today after taking care of paperwork, placing the color at the color bar, then taking it all off and reorganizing it (because I can’t stand a damn mess, ever) and just finished cutting’s my grandma’s hair.  She was a little “out of it”.  She says she wasn’t feeling well.  I don’t like hearing stuff like that.  It’s a summer cold, she told me, but it makes my insides twist when she talks like that.  She’s not elderly by any means, but humans are not permanent in this world, you know?  We’re having dinner tonight.  At 70-something, it’s important to me that I spend as much time as possible with her.  She loved her hair and quizzed me about what ALL the Label.m products do.

Yesterday was incredibly busy in the salon.  I was here for nearly 12 hours yesterday.  Thursdays are a different kind of beast.  That is the ONE day in the week that kills me when I “clock out” and head home.  I think Chris is used to us stopping in a drive thru after work  on Thursday nights by this point.  I don’t want to cook.  In fact, I crave a cheeseburger after a day like that. I don’t want to hear anyone ask me if it’s unkosher, paleo or gluten-free.  I couldn’t give two shits after standing for 12 hours.

My birthday party is getting closer and I’m excited to entertain.  I think that’s what I’m most happy about.  I just want people to put their lives away for one day and enjoy themselves.  No kids, no drama, no obligations.  Drink! Eat! Be merry!  That’s all I want.

The last blog shook some folks up.  I’m sure it pissed some off too.  I have never had so many messages and Facebook comments regarding “behavior” and etiquette in the salon.  I have to tell you: in 2016, it’s like folks have forgotten consideration and what it means.  Take time to set your iPhones down and enjoy the moment.  Be on time, look at your calendar and be where you’re supposed to be when you say you’ll be there.  That’s the message I was conveying.  I’m not a hateful person, really. I do have high standards though I think everyone should abide by them if they want to be anywhere near my world. If that’s too harsh, then whatever.  Quit getting so butthurt over reading a blog or peering into my Twitter or Instagram world.  Grow a pair!  I love you all, I just want you to understand that when I’m at the salon I’m all business.  I’m your friend, but I’m also a business man.  Respect me, my time and my business. I respect each of you as long as you’re kind and show up on time.

My grandma and mom have “kinda” leaked that they read my blogs.  They just shake their heads and laugh or say “well, yeah!” in agreement.

I knew I got this brashness from somewhere…



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