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Sunday Afternoon: Was That Today?

Sunday, 21 August 2016 —

My birthday party is in one week!  Part of me is very excited and part of me is wondering about the logistics of it all.  I have had so many messages today and the last couple of days about people saying they can’t make it today (21st)… My party is not until the 28th.  Are you anxious to NOT MAKE it?  Come on.  Try again.  The fact that folks can’t keep the dates straight slightly annoy me.  How do you function in life?  Are you so busy that you’ve forgotten the days of the week? The months? The year? Maybe I expect too much.

Chris and I had a function today that we still haven’t decided if we’re playing hooky to or not.  He’s putting in new extensions and I’m blogging.  If we ARE going, we’re two hours late.  My guess is that we’ll make an appearance for five minutes, make fun of people and get back in the car and continue with our day.  I don’t really have anyone I would want to see at this particular event nor do I want to waste energy or make-up on the event.  How sad do I sound?

Maybe I’ll forget the day on the calendar like so many others.

“Oh was that today?”

Yeah.  That’ll work.



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