Wednesday Evening: Another Year Older

Wednesday, 31 August 2016 — A day after my birthday

Well, another Nosh with Josh cocktail party down.  It was a grand, fabulous, very high brow, classy time.  I enjoyed it.  The only funny thing is that I have to “speed date” with my guests because I can’t just sit with ONE group.  I could, but it looks horrible to do so.  I’m pretty convinced that Nosh with Josh will become a yearly event.  Always on a Sunday and always on the week of my birthday, this is bound to be a party folks look forward to.

There are so many thoughts that cross my mind when my birthday arrives.  I remember being young and school used to start either on or around my birthday and it was time to open new packs of markers, crayons, notebook paper, books and I was ridiculously excited! I still get this way.  The other thing I used to looked forward to was seeing the same faces from last year and a few new ones in the mix. My birthday party this year was no exception.  Some folks just didn’t make the list this year. There’s already thoughts in my head for next year’s event.  The food should change a bit, of course, the music may stay the same, as everyone loved the musician, but the folks that RSVPed and had a no show two years in a row are probably not going to be invited again.  I don’t understand just not showing up.  No messages, no nothing.  I guess you could say some folks are filtering themselves out of my social circle.  That’s completely alright.  Who knows what they have going on?!

Today I spent a good hour on Facebook deleting folks.  I took my friend list fro 1,160 to 806.  WOW! It hurt a little.  Not really.  The number hurts a little, not the fake friendships I see on the screen.  There were so many inactive accounts.  Its funny how Facebook doesn’t just  delete those accounts after 90 days.  I did us both a favor and unfriended old accounts, folks I don’t really know and people I don’t care to see on my mobile devices in between salon duties.  The same went for Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.  I call this the “yearly purge” and I find it very very healthy.

My birthday is always my favorite day of the year, moreso the party.  I can’t even begin to think that anyone could throw my own birthday the way I do it.  I know my dislikes, I know WHO I like and what I like.  It’s probably best that I always stay the CEO and Creative Director of the annual Nosh with Josh.

By the end of the party, there were five of us left.  We went to dinner, drank a lot more wine and I remember coming home and falling asleep.  I woke up at 5 am and starting looking at all my cards and gifts and walked around talking to God, the Universe and the paint on the walls and saying “thank you.”

Another year older, another early morning of thankfulness.  No hangover, only fullness of the heart.



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