Sunday Afternoon: Eye Rolls and Weight Loss

Sunday, 4 September 2016 — 

Last night, Chris and I went to The Rabbit Hole for dinner with my parents to celebrate my birthday for the third time this week.  We sat in the furthest dining room away from the door which kind of made me sad cos I love to see the people walk in.  This particular restaurant gets so busy that people roll their eyes and get pissed when they have to wait for  a table or told their party is too big to sit without reservations.  It’s the kind of pretentious behavior I have a silent laugh watching;  Not just the hostess’ snobby verbiage, but the snobby society types that get attitude for no reason.  Their reactions make my heart sing, really.  I called in a few days ago.  My mom and dad had never been there.  My mom enjoyed herself and my dad thought the portion sizes were a bit too small.  He kept making comments about how he might have to go eat after.  I did not find this amusing.  My eye rolls fit in perfect considering the ambience.

Chris informed me today that I’ve lost weight.  Thank you, Lord! I can’t tell you how those words become pure gold to me… especially from someone that sees me naked.  It’s nice when folks notice, but the person you’re intimate with that knows every crevice and fat roll making a compliment about weight only adds to the fact that I’m happy Chris and I made the choice to transition back to vegetarianism 80% of the time.  I am still eating a lot of fish (the reformed Catholic kid comes out).  I remember as a child in Catechism when Monsignor would tell us fish didn’t count as meat.  How did Catholics figure this rule was alright?  It doesn’t matter!  Little Jewish Josh is kosher, eating lots of vegetables and fish and loving it.  This morning, I finished re-kashering the kitchen.  It was a process, but I’m trying to work on some nutritional changes for my own health.  Losing weight works.  If Bubs is noticing, then everyone will notice at some point.



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