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Wednesday Afternoon: It’s Business

Wednesday, 7 September 2016 —

This week, I’ve been rather militant about people filling out new contracts at the salon.  I have revised the Cancelation and No Show policies and the rates have gone up.  Sadly, one of my guests that has never violated any policy (being late, canceling, etc) kind of lost his shit when it came down to signing his name at the bottom.  “I’ve never been late and never canceled last minute,” he said.

“Yeah, I know.  I appreciate that.  My time is important and everyone has to update their contracts please.  It’s just the policy as of now.  It’s business.”

He said he understood, but he thought it was ludicrous that he had to sign the contract.

Do I need to remind entitled folks that your entitlement does not exist around me?  You may be pretty special, but you need to get off your high horse and follow policy.  Doctors do this, plastic surgeons do this, most salons in larger areas do this, electricians do it for God’s sake! Just sign your name, be on time and have a little consideration for my time. That’s all I ask.

Thankfully, it all smoothed over.  He just felt like stomping his feet a little… and like any child, I ignored his outburst and moved on with life.  Gimme a break, I have no time for your tantrums… ANYONE’s tantrums.

Yesterday was busy in the salon, thank goodness.  I did, however, have a couple no shows.  I was texting Chris in the middle of the day and told him two folks didn’t show and he was upset for me.  I told him, “I think the new policies are just weeding folks out.” Honestly, it’s alright.  I think people need to start respecting hairdressers, colorists and stylists.  We are NOT dumb people.  Our time is important.  Our talents and knowledge are worth premium pricing and we are deserving of what we charge.  WE are experts at our craft.  If we weren’t, you’d cut and color your own hair.  You wouldn’t be booking weekly blow outs and monthly color sessions if you could do what we do.  Respect the craft, respect our time. I respect yours and you when you enter my space.  Please follow suit.

If the revised policies really are causing people to avoid me, then it just means my career is evolving.  I have seen this all before when I went from a large commission salon to booth renting and setting up a cancelation policy as a freelancer.  When I moved on to open the salon, people really pushed back the first four months and it took one loud mouth on Facebook to think she could challenge me, and she DID NOT win.  My former co-worker, did however, start doing her hair and they have a real kiki talking about me and how they both felt my policies were unfair and a little unnecessary in this market.

“You’re not in New York or LA, Josh.” I used to get told.

“No, but it’s about time folks start respecting themselves as such in Pueblo.” I would respond.

Frankly, it’s time folks in Pueblo start acting right. This is NOT MAYBERRY.  Pants up, laces tied, be on time, show up and do your job with pride.  Stop treating everyone like “homies” and get serious.  When folks here start getting serious about their businesses, we will elevate as a community, until then, I’ll be fighting this battle alone… and frankly, I’m equipped and ready to take whoever on.



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