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Shabbat: Visiting Artists and Roasted Chile

Saturday, 24 September 2016 —

This week was a week of preparation for one of Pueblo, Colorado’s biggest events: The Chile-Frijole Festival.  It’s a huge event!  Believe it or not, people travel here for it.  It’s always getting a lot of media coverage.  I don’t mind it at all.  I love what it does for agriculture, but what I do mind is all the vendors that are NOT associated with food or chile.  The vendors that sell cheap knock off plastic toys and fake Chanel really don’t need to be around.  It’s really unnecessary if you ask me.  They annoy me.  There are tons of bands and a few liquor tents.  I wish you could walk around with a cocktail.

Last night Chris and I took a little Shabbat stroll through the festival and saw a really cool taco truck.  It had some very Baja-style eats.  I was impressed.  I may take a little visit and see what their food is like.  It was very modern, kinda hipster, very Food Network and progressive.  Wow, Pueblo!  We NEED MORE OF THOSE!!!

I had a stint at Shear Results for two days this week and worked my ass off!  Chris came with me on day 2 and was busy busy.  We colored, we cut, we walked back and forth in a huge salon.  The salon is at least 3 times bigger than mine. When you’re used to 800 square feet, 2,700 square feet is HUGE.  My feet hurt so bad yesterday.  Chris and I had lunch around 3:30 yesterday and enjoyed a couple of liquid libations before we took off, packed up and came home.  He had one last haircut at 5:15pm.  I thought I was going to have a moment to check email and the world of social media, but no such luck!  His guest was obsessed with talking to me.  I took it as a compliment and entertained a bit.  We got home around 7:30 and walked around the festival since we literally live on the street that the event takes place.  There was no relaxing this Shabbat with the smell of roasted chiles and bands playing right outside my balcony.

We came home, played Monopoly, complained about feet hurting, rejoiced in making a fuckton of money Friday and fell asleep in the living room.  Chris woke me up around 4am and told me to come to bed.  I layed in bed and told him sleepily: “Happy Anniversary”.  Next month, we celebrate 2 years together.  It couldn’t come at a better time when it seems like all our friends are divorced, separated or jaded towards us for staying together.  That’s another blog waiting to be written though… today I just want to focus on the Chile Fest and resting my feet.



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