Sunday Afternoon: What’s Next?

Sunday, 9 October 2016 — Rosh Hashanah, The Days of Awe

Well, it’s been a week since Rosh Hashanah brought in the annual period known to so many Jews as “The Days of Awe”.  For some, it’s repentance.  For some, it’s reflection.  I avoid conflict at this time because I believe the 10 day-period really forecasts what will come in the next twelve months.  I really can’t handle conflict as it is, but if someone crosses me at this time of the year, I tend to wash my hands of them.  I know that in a time of repentance, there’s probably a mirroring of their attitude that reflect my own, so I proceed with caution.  As soon as somebody starts to make chaotic waves, I get out of the pool, so to speak.

Here’s how Rosh Hashanah is going so far:

Day 1: Monday

I spent the day with Chris and Miya and came home and literally napped all day.  Okay, does this forecasts family, togetherness and rest in the year to come?  Oh boy!

Day 2: Tuesday

I had lunch with my mom and went shopping.  Sephora was out of a lot of stuff.  Yikes.  If I can get back on track with my mom and find all the hidden gems to eat in town, that would be prime! However, when it comes to shopping, I’ll either have to be flexible or order online.  Nothing new there.  Just search online, Josh! Looks like Amazon is gonna get a lot of my business!

Day 3: Wednesday

Back to work after two days off.  I felt very rested and began detailing my salon and was super productive.  This day couldn’t have been more ideal.  I need to take more days off.  It benefits the clients for me to do so.  That night, however, I drank too much.  I ordered a cheeseburger and had a horrible stomach ache until I made myself throw-up.  I don’t think I can eat ground beef anymore sadly.  Or at least not fast food.  I felt better after.

Day 4: Thursday

Thursday morning I drank water like it was a miraculous elixir.  Yes, it is.  The Zohar says it is, the Torah says it is.  I believe you, God, yes it is.  I need to drink more water and take my vitamins and avoid fast food.  Ground beef is off limits, possibly, so are drive thrus.  Let’s see how much weight I lose this year.  I drank water all day.  Didn’t drink at all that evening either.  I had a wonderful meeting with my manager at Label.m and it looks like I’m super busy through 2017.  Immediately after, I had a difficult meeting with a friend.  Looks like I’m busy and my friendships are changing rapidly.  My business will only grow and benefit from me being a “boss”, not a friend.  Later on, I recorded a Facebook Live video and someone told me to slit my own throat.  Not sure if Facebook Live will be a thing anymore.  Gonna have to re-evaluate this internet thing.

Day 5: Friday

I was running behind in paper work and got it all taken care of by the end of the day, but I was insanely busy behind the chair and stayed later than usual.  I saw  my friend at the wine bar and went to dinner with Chris and Miya.  Later on, I discovered that Flax Milk makes the best lattes with my new espresso maker.  We drank some vodka and I got moody and awkward toward the end.  Chris thought I was mad at him.  I needed to go to bed. Shabbat Shalom, mother fucker! We learned once again when I’ m tired that I’m moody and need to get a grip. What does this mean? I’m gonna have to pour more time into my business this year to keep up or I’ll run behind. I’m gonna plan a lot of lunches and dinners this year.  Also, it looks like Miya is gonna be a our third homie at home.  She’s fun to have around.  I enjoy her company.  I need to make a decision to drink wine, liquor or coffee, not all three in one evening.  I’m getting older. Time to pace myself.  Boo!

Day 6: Saturday/Shabbat

I was up early and ran errands for the salon on the sabbath.  I would not normally do this, but I needed to.  I was still behind.  I felt good getting to work early.  Came home, took a long nap and went out.  I was having some intestinal issues.  Probably too much booze.  I guess I should slow down on the booze.  My pH in my body has to be off a bit.  Also, the slower paced Saturday is my favorite.  Getting up early worked well too.

Day 7: Sunday

I was up and cleaned the house while I sipped espresso.  Chris helped me.  While I took a bath, he cooked breakfast.  I was aggravated at one point today because someone has been giving Chris a hard time.  I told Chris not to sink to this moron’s level.  I’m bored with this person.  He needs to grow up.  I don’t know how much longer I can support this person.  He’s arrogant and rude.  It looks like I’ll be focusing on my business, Chris, Miya, my mom and Label.m.  Moving forward.  I have a little work at the salon.

Overall, its been educational.  People are disappointing.  I think those that need to fade out will pull the plug on themselves.  I can’t be sad or aggravated for more than about an hour.  Sometime that’s life.  It evolves.  I still got three more days….

Let’s see what’s next….



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