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Yom Kippur: Period.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016 — Yom Kippur, the day of Atonement 

There’s not much to say today as it’s the final day of the High Holy Days this year.  Rosh Hashanah begins the 10 day period like the capital letter at the beginning of the sentence and Yom Kippur reels it all in like the period at the end of the sentence.  Chris is off to see his friend this afternoon and then we’re going to browse rummage shops and consignment stores.  I won’t be buying anything, but it will keep my mind off the fast.

Fasting for me is not even a big deal anymore.  I made the comment to Chris that I live such a blessed life and its circled around food and drink, 25 hours is not going to kill me.  I read today that every time there would be a meal time or snack or a cocktail time, you should sit and think about your atonement with God. Atonement has nothing to do with what you’ve done wrongly towards others, it has everything to do with your covenant with The Creator.

I would hope that folks act as they would want the Creator to act towards them.  If you’re spiteful and rude, the Universe in turn will probably be the same to you.  It’s not in your best interest to be hateful, rude or disrespectful.  It’s certainly not in my own interest to worry about the negative actions of others unless it effects my life directly.  I feel as though I council so many people about this when they talk to me.  Whether they are clients, friends, a mix of both, or family members, I am constantly saying “worry about you. Don’t worry about them.”

I would hope in the year of 5777 (16-170), I could just adopt this philosophy full-time.  Not only does it cut down on stress, but it’s something I am evolved to at this point in my life.  It’s not worrisome to me if you don’t like me or have negative things to say about me.  Unless you’re coming at me with a knife or trying to take me down, I really couldn’t care less.

My respect toward the world mirrors my respect toward the Creator and my respect to myself.  This Yom Kippur, I am gladly inviting the spiritual act of atoning humbly and helping God pen that last punctuation in the sentence of this year’s High Holy Days.




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