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Wednesday Afternoon: Booking, Blogging and Binge-drinking.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016 —

Today’s start was much later than planned.  I really was intending to spend some time with my mom at my parent’s house today, but I got stuck being Josh Cooley and texting, emailing and taking phone calls.  I was really preoccupied booking a model for a Facebook Live! broadcast I’m making happen tomorrow. I am really determined to be a known educator at some point in my career.  This Label.m opportunity has lit a fire under my ass to be as good and as fabulous as my friends in New York, Miami and London.  I want a piece of the online action.

I began today by cleaning up the house.  There’s not that much to clean up, but I can’t handle messy beds and dirty dishes.  I think a dirty house produces stagnant energy.  No creative person can flourish in a mess.  I don’t care what Buzzfeed tells you: a mess is counterproductive… especially for type-A folks like me.  I went through my inbox and had an email from a website that wants to syndicate my blog.  I was immediately thrilled! I was perplexed though: do we file it under “voices”, “essay”, “religion”, “lifestyle”, “comedy”, what? The idea of millions of folks reading my work worldwide via the traffic of a larger site makes me shiver with anticipation.  I could use this to my advantage to publish my book later on.

Last week, I took myself on a little solo date night while Chris worked a catering.  I went for a haircut with my favorite stylist ever Elizabeth and then had a cocktail at the wine bar.  Chris had a short stint filling in for the main bartender who is vacationing in Croatia and after a week, the owner tried to argue with Chris about how to make a double.  I’m so bored by arguments like that and I like the wine bar, so Chris being dismissed was a blessing in disguise.  I think it’s unreasonable and close-minded of the owner, but whatever, I don’t own the place.  I’ll spend money there, but I’m annoyed slightly. Nevertheless, I went to dinner at a new Italian place and was thoroughly impressed.  It was just like being in Italy! I went back to the wine bar (not so annoyed, right?) and proceeded to get messy drunk in front of another salon owner in town.  I dismissed my drunk self and fell asleep at home before Chris got home.  My buzz was so good  I was supposedly sleep walking according to Chris.  What a fucking mess! It could have been a really peaceful, alcohol-fueled Shabbat evening, but Malbec and imported Prosecco won that night.

Now, after the emails, the FaceTime meetings and the model booking, I’m sipping wine and getting ready for another Italian dinner with my mom and dad.  Tomorrow’s color ideas are in my head, but I have no commitments.  I’m slightly nervous, but so excited. Miya is going to be my cameraman.   Here’s hoping wine inspires me, not wins like last Friday…






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