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Sunday Morning: What Gives?

Sunday, 23 October 2016 — 

This last week was fulfilling in so many ways and lacked in so many ways.  It’s been a quiet fall at the salon.  The days can be very busy no matter what.  Whether I have a load of color sessions or a day of paperwork, there is always something to preoccupy my time.  For me, sadly, I am having a hard time staying motivated at home.  Lately, I come home, drink some champagne and fall asleep on the couch.  That’s not productive at all and it’s not something I want to see become a habit.  A book doesn’t write itself, an empire doesn’t continue to grow and the laundry doesn’t wash itself by laying around all evening and watching reruns of “Roseanne”.  I’ve got to get it together!

I had a mini meltdown on Thursday afternoon when my model that was reserved for my Facebook Live broadcast texted me 12 minutes before we were supposed to start and told me she had to bring her 12-year-old sister with her.  I was very specific about NOT bringing anyone with her.  That’s the way modeling works when you work with me.  I’m not going to provide entertainment and comfort for your guests while I’m working.  Secondly, a model never pays for anything when they get their hair done for one of my projects.  We usually load them up with so much gratis that they should be so happy.  With over $180 in services, gratis worth anywhere from $150-200 and a voucher to come back to the salon for $50, I’m investing a lot in you. It’s really annoying that someone can’t follow fucking rules or agree to the terms.  So, I sent her a message and told her that the shoot was canceled, walked out of the studio, locked the door, left my phone there and pouted between a cussing storm for about an hour and a half.  I came home, napped and went back to work.  I saw her message, she said she could have left her sister in the car.  Are you fucking kidding me?  How irresponsible.  Why is your 12 year old sister not in school anyway? I’m over it.  I’ll have to recast a new model and find an available day.  That’s never easy…

This morning I woke up energized for a Sunday.  How can I sleep and nap my life away all week and wake up Sunday ready to brunch and grocery shop?  Seriously!  I called and left a message at the salon where I get my nails done to cancel my appointment.  I need to find a new nail person.  I’m not feeling as much love these days and the work quality is no longer there.  I’m being shifted from person to person for this reason or that.  It’s time to move on.  There’s a salon next to the tanning salon I recently started going to.  I am thinking of going there.  I hope they’re nice.  I hope they like painting black nails.  I hope they understand how much I love my signature black nails done every two weeks.  That’s the other part: my nail person started moving me out three weeks when I requested two.  Do you not want to see me anymore ? What gives?

Goals this week are (of course) to find a new nail person and focus on napping less and laying about less.  I can’t turn into a lazy thirty-something at home.  I just can’t.


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