Shabbat: “I need to rest.”

Saturday, 5 November, 2016 —

Every November ushers in a brand new season of holiday sessions in the salon.  Folks are all over the place. They book two appointments at a time, some wait until the last minute to book and every November I see at least three hissy fits over text message or in my chair.  I also get the occasional “returning” client that left me, went somewhere else for a year and decides to come back.  If they were wonderful  and I missed them, I welcome them and pick up where we left off.  If they left on a semi-sour note, I welcome them and pick up where I left off… coldly and cautiously. Tis the season!

The past two days in the salon have been astronomical in sales.  I cannot believe it and yet… yes I can.  I’ve been non-stop lately and Thursday was the end of me.  I came home, ate, layed on the couch to read a magazine and fell asleep after one page.  About 4am, I went to bed and was back in the salon at 8.  God in Heaven, this bladder infection kicked my ass. I had a raspy throat all day on Friday and even though I know I’m getting better, my bladder is tender and my immune system has been compromised a bit.  I can feel it now.  I’m so hypersensitive and paranoid lately.  I have been scared into drinking water and peeing.  I don’t ever want to go through that again.

One of my guests told me to take my time and do what I needed do.  Obviously she has been reading the blog.  Thank you for reading, friend.  I appreciate it.  Now, will you fill everyone else in?

This last summer and fall has left a lot of my friends  wondering where I’ve been.  Some have said I’ve been in hiding or under a rock and the truth is that I’m just rebalancing.  Any little health scare makes me paranoid and I don’t want to be around anyone stressful when I don’t feel well.  My day-to-day duties of working with folks is stressful enough.  I’ve learned that as a hairdresser, people value their time with you and they get very defensive if their time is compromised…even if your health is put into the equation.  Most of them are pretty loyal, but its shocking to me how nosey people can be and how much compassion they lack when you say you HAVE TO go to the doctor and will have to reschedule.  It’s really annoying to me that clients will LEAVE YOU for taking care of yourself when you need to be taken care of.

Wow. Just wow.  I wish I could be more upset about it, but at 12 years into this industry, I’m not surprised and I’ve learned that if someone has left, they probably were either looking for an out and shopping for a new stylist or they wanted to be a brat and stomp their feet.  I’m not going to reach out to folks that personify either one of those attributes. Move on, my dear if you decide to move on.  I’ll miss you, but I have to take care of me.

This week, I took a couple field trips away from my “hiding under a rock” to have cocktails and dinner with two of our friends.  We went out Wednesday and I nervously drank two cocktails and a BIG glass of water with each.  Then they insisted we go out for another drink.  Another drink can easily turn into six when its all of us together.  I nervously drank water and sipped my drink.  A couple drinks later, I looked at Chris and motioned for us to leave.  No more.  That’s the one big hurrah for me this week!

Two days later we went to dinner at The Rabbit Hole in Colorado Springs, one of my favorite restaurants.  My friends wanted to jazz it up and pub crawl again. I softly and happily declined and said we had to go home.  Chris had clients in the morning and I needed to rest. I couldn’t be anymore honest than that. I just wanted to come home and watch “Murder She Wrote” in my jammies and lay in bed.  My bladder is sore, I’m paranoid and bloated from drinking water the past two weeks.

Back to my rock for a couple of days. Maybe I’ll slither out again soon. Until then… I need to rest.


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