Sunday Night: Me first, friends later.

Sunday, 13 November 2016 —

This morning I woke up around 8:30 and walked into the living room and looked around.  The heater was on and the air conditioner was also on.  Chris and I clearly did not communicate in terms of temperature.  He had to have turned the heater on and I had the air on.  No wonder my body didn’t realize what was going on in terms of environment.  I looked at the Weather app on the iPhone and it said today was going to be 70-degrees.  Can you imagine?  Two weeks before Thanksgiving and its still 70-degrees outside in Colorado.  I hope this goes on until Christmas.  Maybe Chris and I will have a chance to figure out out the thermostat works before then.  I’m always hot, he’s always cold.  At this rate, I’ll be wearing shorts in December and he’ll need a winter jacket in June.

I excused myself to the salon today around noon-thirty to finish working on paper work and issue some checks.  When it comes to the finances of my business, I follow a pretty tough schedule.  Mondays, I balance the books.  Thursday, I issue the payroll, the bills and rebalance and make sure our budget is on point.  Checks are released Friday.  I was still stuck on Thursday’s schedule.  Today is Sunday.  I remember when I used to dread the bill folder I put all the bills in until I crack it open on Thursdays. Now, I just look at all the bills and put them in order by due date.  I look at the week’s budget and start issuing checks.  It’s all pretty simple, but by the time I get to the checkbook, cross check the transactions online and fully balance, it’s been two hours.  I don’t always have two hours in the middle of the week, so my Sundays have been sacrificed in place of a one too many prep periods I am robbed up due to overbooking in the salon and commitments outside the salon during the week.  It felt good to finally get it all taken care of today.  I talked to my mom for a bit today while I finished paying bills.  I seriously need a couple days away with her and we can just watch TV and eat finger foods.  I need some Josh-Mom time.

My aunt came to see me the other day and brought up the fact that I don’t really hang out anymore with anyone.  I don’t.  She’s right.  I’m resurfacing my friendships.  I’ve stopped talking to a few folks.  I feel a tad betrayed by a couple once-close folks.  People don’t text back.  People don’t answer their phones.  I meet up with people and I don’t pay the bill anymore for anyone.  I don’t want to be the friend with a thick wallet anymore.  I don’t want to hang out with poor people.  By poor I mean folks that look at life poorly, never have any money and seem to be fighting with someone.  I just can’t.  Frankly, it seems like most of my friends have been in shitty mindsets and relationships lately.  They want their tarnished romances to rub off on me and Chris.  I don’t want to hang out with broken-hearted Betty anymore (or broken-hearted Ben, for that matter).

Goals for the week include: figuring out the temperature, sitting to dinner with my mom, going to a movie with mom and Chris (separately) and looking at my Contacts list to see who I miss hanging out with.  I do miss people and I do miss going out, but it’s been kind of nice resting.  I’m not in a rush to return to a nightlife, comedy or being anyone’s best friend.  I’ll stick to worrying about my own well-being for a touch longer.



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