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Sunday Morning: #TrumpPence vs “Hamilton”

Sunday, 20 November 2016 —

This morning on Twitter and Facebook has seriously got my knickers in a twist.  I can’t possibly read anymore about the shit-show named #TrumpPence16.  These two vile human beings are two of the biggest fucking crybabies I have ever ever EVER read press about.  By now, it’s no secret that the cast of “Hamilton” addressed Mr. Pence while he was visiting the theatre with their public service announcement asking for Mr. Pence to respect our American diversity and values.  I get it.  I think its worth addressing both president- and vice president-elect.  I think it could have been different.  I think they could have shot a really neat YouTube or Vimeo video and had it edited and addressed as a sweet virtual “love note” all over social media.  Pointing at him and asking him to listen in front of the audience puts him on the spot.  He felt attacked.  Boo-hoo.  

Hours later, Mr. Trump tweets for the Hamilton cast to “Apologize!”.  The use of an exclamation mark reads as raising your voice, yelling or excited.  I’ll take all three in this case.  WE are not in a board room, Mr. Trump.  These are the American people voicing their concern to your vice-president elect Mr. Pence that believes electroshock therapy and praying the gay away works. These are concerned, diverse people who perform for other concerned, diverse people in the United State of America.  You are scaring the diversity into each corner by demanding an apology.

I personally believe Mr. Pence called Donald, texted, Snapped, Insta’ed that he was picked on publicly and it lit a fire under Sugar Papa Trump’s ass after he just settled a $25 Million Dollar lawsuit in regards to Trump University two days earlier.  Donald is tired of being picked on by all of America and SNL.  His VP is not being taken seriously either and we keep tweeting, screaming, signing petitions in an effort for you to listen.  You issue a tweet that is insistent and Mr. Pence goes on TV and says he was “not offended”, but you, have Mr. Pence’s back saying he deserves an apology.

I don’t know anymore.  I think I’m going bat-shit crazy reading this shit.

To the cast of Hamilton: make a YouTube video, edit it well, say what you want to say and post it on ALL SOCIAL MEDIA as a love note to the -Elects of #TrumpPence.  Do it gracefully, not embarrassingly.

To Mr. Pence: you’re not offended, right?  But Donald is.  So, did you tell Donald one thing and us another? Go pray your chicken shit ways away.

To Mr. Trump: We will take you seriously when you STOP exploding on Twitter.  You are a President-Elect, act like it.  Show us brilliance, show us diplomacy, show us compassion, show us a leader. You need to lead, not react like someone whose best friend just got yelled at in a bar fight.  Please grow up.  You’re 70. We need you to be a 70 year old, wise man that is the leader of a country that honors freedom of speech.  Please shut down your Twitter.  We are NOT taking you seriously.

As I continue scrolling through Facebook, I am continuously appalled with people that think Liberals are causing this hate in the nation.  I don’t have a group to blame.  Republicans are not to blame, liberals are not to blame.  This shit show is to blame.  When you live in a country where the new president-elect and VP-elect act like they have hurt feeling EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY, the nation will reflect it.

Everyone needs to grow up.  

Learn to say please.  Learn to say thank you.  Be gracious.  Be kind.  Do not tweet when angry or drunk.  Do not point and address in a large crowd to someone who is one of the most-hated men in America right now.  Do not insight riots.  Do not act like a pussy.  Do not grab pussies.  Do not act like martyrs. This is all common sense shit, folks.

Act like leaders. Be examples of leaders.  Stop feeding the shit-show called The United States -Elects #TrumpPence.  We don’t look any smarter to the world at this moment in time.

That is all.


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