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Sunday Afternoon: Dreams and the #realman

Sunday, 27 November 2016 —

Another Sunday waking up on the couch.  Goodness.  I do a lot of couch time at my house.  It’s not like couch time at my house is bad either.  A lot of guys end up sleeping on the couch cos they were fighting with their spouses.  Me, not so much.  I’m just comfy there.  I woke up this morning nearly upset because I had a dream that Chris was yelling at me in the car, my parents were yelling at me and my esthetician was yelling at me.  What was that about?  I’m going to have to look into this.  Generally, it means they’re trying to tell you something, but I got to be sure.  I was upset and crying in the dream too.  I felt a bit defeated waking up and had a headache.  No fun.

I got up this morning like any other Sunday morning and scrolled through my email as I waited for my tea to brew.  I put my headphones on and started listening to The Juan MacLean (who I am digging hard these days).  I started cleaning the house, sipping tea and recounting this horrible dream.  Chris walked into the guest bathroom as I was getting ready to scrub and startled me.  “I had a horrible dream last night, Bubs”, I told him.  He asked me what happened and said he did too.  I think it was a nice way of shutting me up.  I don’t want to hear about anyone’s dreams first thing in the morning either.  I kept listening to the lyrics in my phone and questing why I put lemon wedges in my hot tea.  I’m not British!

Today, Chris and I are supposed to make tamales.  He’s outside changing the oil in the car.  I took a picture of him working on the car the other day and hashtagged #realman on Instagram to show people that YES Gay Men can and WILL do their own manual labor and work on cars like classically straight men or really butch lesbians .  Chris’ brother came over the other night and lit my temper on fire as Chris was working.  I had a little tantrum and stormed off to the wine bar for a glass of wine and told Chris to call someone (not his brother) to help us with the car.  Today, Chris went back downstairs and figured out what he needed to with a joyous expression and attitude.  Good, Bubs.  You show ’em.  Show everyone (family included) that you can do it! I lost my temper the other night and it’s sad to say that I’m not very sorry for doing so.  I can’t handle anyone that is a disrespectful smart ass or mumbles under their mother fuckin’ breath.  It was the Sabbath to boot!  I take “keep the Sabbath holy” pretty serious.  It means: no working on cars (that’s WORK), no attitude and don’t piss off the Sabbath-observer.  I came home that night and power drank Crown Royal and watched movies and fell asleep.  It wasn’t an ideal night of Torah study or being happy with my bubs.  It was stressed and annoying.  I’ll talk to Chris’ brother soon enough, but in the meantime, I’m still relatively pissed.  I can’t stand anyone doubting or talking down to Chris, much less, myself.

Before the tamales and before we go shopping, I have to head to the salon and do my eyebrows and finish some end of the month paperwork.  Tomorrow, I’m making an in-store appearance for Label.m and possibly demoing some looks from our Fashion Fix education, per request.  I’m back to work on Tuesday and Wednesday and then December begins Thursday.  I have to decorate the salon for Christmas and get it all going ASAP.  I’m already drained this holiday season and it just fucking started.



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