Sunday Morning: Christmas Gifting

Sunday, 4 December 2016 —

This morning I woke up and began making sweet potato latkes while I sipped my coffee and contemplated turning the tv on.  I didn’t want to wake Chris so I went to the other room and watched Woody Allen’s new series on Amazon Prime.  I kept laughing and chuckling that I woke Chris up.  His delivery, his writing always makes me laugh.  I know people don’t always love Woody and bring up his personal life, but I couldn’t care less.  He’s not fucking me.  He’s not financing me.  He doesn’t invite me to his house for dinner.  We’re not best friends and don’t go to the same Hollywood synagogue.  So, I can be a fan and not discuss his personal life.  The writing in this series is to die for.  The casting is on point and the setting in 1960s New York makes me so jealous.  Yes.  I will be watching the whole season!   Good call, Amazon!

I am contemplating taking a good 3-4 week break from the writing of the blog to work on my book and fully launch Rockstar Labs.  Both of those projects have hit a stand still between being at the salon, studying all this Label.m stuff and falling asleep as soon as I get home.  This week the carpets are getting cleaned in the apartment and I’m finally gonna start piecing my office together after almost a whole year of this room being demolished and unused.  I severely need a beautiful table to work on, serve dinner on and retire to to work on items that call for my attention away from the television or the bedroom.  I am getting excited because I know it has to happen and that it IS going to happen.  Today, I’m heading back to Verizon to see if I can get a new iPhone.  Mine is starting to act up after three years.  I went the other day, but after 45 minutes, I had to leave. I don’t have 45 minutes to waste.  I don’t even have time to work on my book, blog or make time to Christmas shop, much less wait on an overpacked Verizon store.

Tonight, my goal is to work on ordering Christmas gifts.  I have Chris, my mom and Dad, Adrian and Karl, Jordan (Karl’s son) and Chris’ siblings on the list.  I would love to give every fabulous gifts.  I’m going to shop out of instinct.  What you get is what you get.  It will probably be fabulous and you should adore it.  If you don’t, you’re stupid.  Frankly, I think I’m a great gift giver.  It’s not very common for me to give random friends and strangers gifts.  I would much rather take them to dinner.  I enjoy having an experience together, not treating you like a spoiled 1o-year-old at a Beverly Hills birthday party.  I can’t see the importance in Christmas gifts unless you’re under 12.

The more I think about taking a break from blogging for a good month, I realize that I have to utilize that time to work on my home and other projects.  I think it’s healthy to take a little hiatus.  2017 is the on the horizon and frankly, I would like to get back into the public scene.  Clearly, comedy is over in Pueblo for me, but I could do an open mic somewhere else.  I’d like to mend some rifts from the last two years and focus on working on growing my business and Chris’ clientele at the salon.  I have plans to work on the salon a little more too.  I’ve been there for five years, it’s time to facelift it a bit.  It’s time to facelift my business cards and marketing and take some time to travel.  I’m starting to get a little land-locked and bored.  I like routine, but I need a good drink of water in another area of the country.  I need to leave my phone at home and check my voicemails for a week.  People will live.

Frankly, my Christmas gift to myself might be some time to myself and finding a little inner peace.


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