Wednesday Night: Clean Carpets and Black Hawk

Wednesday, 7 December2016 —

Today was my day off.  I woke up this morning to freshly shampooed carpets.  Yesterday the cleaners came and took care of my every-three-month chore.  I have a SLEW of quarterly chores that take place in my life.  Getting the carpets shampooed is one of them. Checking on shoes is one.  Changing out my mascara to prevent eye infections is another.  I deep clean each room myself.  It’s really funny actually that I have this “seasonal” list of things that HAVE TO happen, but in a Virgo’s Type-A life, this is the way it absolutely has to be.  My new iPhone keeps blaring with notifications: this package is one its way (ordered shoes), this Christmas present is on its way from Amazon, another UPS Package is expected with a new necklace and I shipped it to the salon.  I hope I keep track of all of these things.  I don’t want to miss anything!  It’s weird how clean carpets have put me at ease though.  My mom used to say, “if your floor is clean, it makes the whole house look clean.” Yes mom.  It does.

Chris and I ran errands today after my nail appointment and walked around the Goodwill.  I love to rummage through the Goodwill and the ARC.  I love old stuff.  I have the money to buy brand new, I know, but I love old stuff and the history of things that are no longer loved or belong to someone.  We walked outside and it was snowing.  What!  Snow! It hasn’t snowed in Pueblo in awhile.  I was the driver today and got in the Fiat and looked out the window and told Chris, “wow.  It’s been awhile since I’ve driven in this cold weather.”  He looked at me and asked me if I wanted him to drive.  I said no.  Driving at 5pm in a little powder reminds me of driving kids to school in the morning in a daycare van some 12 or so years ago.  We made it home.  Patience in tact.  People in Pueblo still freak out when it snows or flurries for the first time.  I haven’t missed that.  I drive like Old Man Cooley as it is so any sign of moisture while driving makes me drive like  REALLY old man.

Chris installed his new PlayStation on Sunday.  I don’t know shit about video games much less the difference in each video game systems.  I’m a techie, but not a gamer and it shows.  I had no idea that you could watch Netflix and Hulu with this device.  Hmm…. I had a sigh of relief knowing that now I don’t have to sneak to the other room and stream TVs and movies away from the living room.  Chris has played video games, but it seems like we’re using the PlayStation to watch TV a little more than we’re using it to game.  Speaking of gaming: I’m addicted to Wonka Slots on my iPhone.  My parents have discovered games on their phones and turned me on to this gem.  It’s making me miss Black Hawk and the wonderful casinos there.  I think Chris and I should go for Christmas or at the beginning of the year.  I’m feeling a hankering for a little trip.  I’m supposed to be flying out in January for a training, but haven’t heard confirmation back yet.  It makes me wonder if I’m being left out.  I’m sure that’s all in my head, but if it isn’t… I’m gonna raise hell… or just go to Black Hawk.



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