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Happy New Year! xo- j.

Sunday, 1 January 2017 —

A new year! Finally!  There are so many cliche things that run through my head during a new year.  One thing I can tell you that really affects me as we turn on the calendar app on January 1st is relief.  I never felt this til I began filing my own taxes as an independent contractor.  In so many ways, the new year, the new tax year, the new calendar year ushers in so many changes.  There’s so many doors to close and so many loops of communication that end on December 31st.  It’s kind of nice!

I begin the “shut down process” of the calendar year each Rosh Hashanah.  The Jewish New Year ushers new personal goals that reflect into my professional life each September or October.  Fiscally, businesses like to shut down their spending in October to make way for the holiday rush and if you are in retail, some of your LAST ordering of goods happens mid-October and early November.  By November 15, you should have smooth sailing in your business.  My life reflects this so much now.  Even if I didn’t have a salon, I know I would reflect the same.My brain is programmed this way now.  Now I know what my dad felt.  As a business owner with multiple business partners, investors and locations, he had to have the same “tug” at his mind and heart that I do.

Chris and I spent New Year’s Eve at home watching movies with our friend Kassidy.  We all had an alcohol of choice and drank prosecco at midnight. Oh boy!  I don’t think it could have gotten any better or any calmer than that.

I often tell people that the way you end your year and ease into the first of the new year echoes how your year will be.  I really have come to believe that now.  Every year, I write a Facebook post about KEY PLAYERS in my world from the year prior.  Some people respond, some ignore, some I never hear from again in the new year.  I’ve come to realize that those people that duck out of your life or are not mentioned as key people aren’t bad, its just that life changes.  My life has changed. I have finally accepted it.  About June last year, I let a few KEY PEOPLE know that our relationships may change.  It was all for the best.

This morning I woke up, I wasn’t sad, I was content.  I thought of all the folks and relationships in my life and I have no regrets.  I have one mission in 2017 and that is a declared hashtag to #make2017mybitch.  What I mean by this is that I am on a mission!  I am not taking any prisoners.  I’m not waiting for you to text me back, I’m not waiting on confirmations, I’m not waiting on people to shit or get off the pot . I’m on a mission to build my brand, build my reputation in my industry some more and build my reputation in my community.  I have always vowed to try and practice more kindness and will try, in all my power, to be friendly. By friendly, I mean: more welcoming and to be a better listener.  I listen well, but I’m not warm and fuzzy.  I don’t know if I will ever be warm and fuzzy, but I will try to be more nurturing to you as my friend, client or associate.  I will not, however, hold your hand, full-frontal hug you or listen to you whine like a bitch.  2017 is my bitch so that position has been filled.

I think after four glasses of prosecco last night and some quiet time, I’m on goal to just relax and worry about my business, my bubs, my parents and my friends that know me behind the smoke and mirrors of being Josh Cooley.  Frankly, the smoke and mirrors has vanished.  I think at this age, what you see is what you get.

I’ll try to be a good friend, I’ll try to listen, I’ll even ask you how your day is, but frankly, I’m going to take care of me.  If I don’t, how can I help take care of you?

Here’s to 2017, my beautiful bitch. Happy New Year! Drink lots of prosecco and worry about your own well-being.  Once you start valuing YOU full-time, you will be secure enough to deal with others.


  1. I will not apologize to you for anything.  I didn’t do anything to you. I’m not a bad person or vindictive.  That behavior doesn’t serve me.
  2. I will not kiss your ass, whoever you are.  No one is that special. 


Happy New Year! xo-j



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