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Hot Mess in 2017

Monday, 2 January 2017 —

This morning was a fresh start to a stupid new year.  I have declared this holiday season the “perpetual holiday”.  Christmas Eve was a Saturday, Christmas was a Sunday, so of course, you had Monday off.  New Year’s Eve was a Saturday, New Year’s Day was a Sunday, so, again, you had Monday off.  How many fucking holidays do you need and how much time to you people need off, really?  I was looking so forward to coming to work today.  I am ready for this fresh, new start.  I frankly am tired of people bitching about 2016.  I thought it was alright.  Yeah, Donald Trump won the election.  I have no thoughts regarding Donald anymore.  I’m frankly tired of people talking shit about Donny.  I think Melania is too.  It seems that we’ve moved onto talking shit about Mariah now.  How dare you! I adore her.  I adore Madonna.  I adore Cher like any gay man, I guess. Donald is fair game most days, but I feel like we should give him a day off now.  I’m not saying I like the guy, but he is going to be the next president of the United States, so listen up, speak up when needed and pray for him.  Lord knows he needs all the prayers he can get…right now so does Mariah…

I got home a little after 4pm today.  I know people are going to read this or my Twitter or Instagram feed and know that I didn’t take any cancellations or later appointments.  I couldn’t care less.  I have declared 2017 the year I don’t give a fuck.  I don’t care, really.  I hope I lose friends this year.  I hope I make people mad.  I hope people get angry talking to me and storm off. I hope I give people cramps holding back shit they wanna spill to me.  I hope I get nasty emails… I’ll screen cap ’em.  I hope you send me nasty messages… I’ll screen cap those too.  I hope people get riled up this year reading blogs, tweets, and “insta”s.  I pray that this year is the year I take my verbal power back.  I am so tired of living in a calm slump.

All the Mariah-talk yesterday and today in the New York Times and other news outlets makes me sad for her.  Chances are SHE was running late and didn’t have a soundcheck with the guys from Dick Clark Productions.  Sad for her, entertainment for nasty bloggers.  Mariah and I mirror each other.  Folks love to blog about us.  They love to talk shit.  Guess what? If they’re talking shit, it means they’r still talking.  I wouldn’t shed a tear if I were her.  I’d call it a day, hug my babies and be shameless in my tweets.  Who fucking cares!

Frankly, who cares about whatever happens in 2017.  Donald is president, Mariah is a train wreck and I’m on a mission to raise hell this year.  Go get in line and buy your helmets now because there’s gonna be some debris and shrapnel this year.  Things are gonna get very interesting, I promise.  Frankly, 2017 could be kinda fun cos God knows the last two years have been snoozers.  Time to wake the fuck up and set some shit on fire.

Thanks Donald and MC, you made it alright to be a hot mess in 2017.



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