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On A Mission

Wednesday, 4 January 2017 —

I woke up this morning to Chris playing music on his phone’s speaker.  I hate the sound of music being played over a phone speaker.  As great as our phones are getting, nothing beats a good stereo system or a decent Bluetooth Speaker or pair of high-quality headphones.  I think music playing from a phone sounds like a tin can full of loose change.  It’s quite obnoxious really.  I loved that he was in a good mood, but the echoing treble of the Samsung was driving me batty.  I rolled out of bed and began the espresso maker immediately.

It was Chris’ first day of barber school today.  He is a licensed cosmologist and is going back to school to get his second licensure for barbering.  He is on a mission to eat the barbers alive in this town.  I am 100% supportive of this career move and educational decision.  I remember starting Toni & Guy Advanced Academy about a year into doing hair and it changed my career for the better.  I studied with American Crew as well and took their Mens Work Course which in return made me a really strong men’s stylist.  It was all up from there.  The people I worked with hated me.  They were so annoyed that I was spending thousands of dollars on advanced academy.  They would often belittle my pursuits by telling me every day I was gone I wasn’t building my clientele.  Little did they know I was going to become the most-booked, highest retailer, top-producer, their manager and at three years in have the book a 10-year stylist.  I don’t regret a single thing I did when it came to advanced education.  I think this is going to propel Chris’ career forward like mine.  It’s going to advance him very quickly and make him a hot commodity.

His phone sounding like a tin can didn’t bother me all that much.  He was up at 8am, singing and dancing to his music and looking forward to getting to school.  That’s the bubs I love to see!

As Chris tackled his first day of school, I came home and checked email, messages and read a little bit of my book and eventually spent the entire afternoon completing errands.  I’m on a mission this year to get more time away from the salon, focus while I’m there, close up shop and work on my home life.  On top of all this, I have the juggling act of working my Label.m life into the equation.  I have a conference call Friday with two of my favorite executives there, two meetings in Denver next week and will be in Dallas for three days at the end of the month.  This new life and new adventure are shaping up to be exactly what I wanted: an adventure!

Chris and I have bitten off 2017 in large chunks.  We gladly pepper, salt and Tabasco each chunk and chomp away.  Goals are just that this year: they are missions.  He’s on a mission as am I.  One mission I’m not on this year is worrying about naysayers.  I’m worried about me.  I worry about Chris.  I worry about my friends and clients daily.  I am focusing my energy this year on growing people.  By “growing people”, I mean, not focusing on negative, unproductive energy.  I want to plant and water seeds in all my relationships, not tear them down. Gossip is unproductive.  Grudges are unproductive.  I keep taking pages out of my book and ripping them up and starting from scratch (figuratively, of course).  I think I’ve spent too much time dwelling on the negativity that is really just hearsay.  I can’t water that plant anymore…

With each song on the iPod, the Samsung, or in the car on our way to school, sales meetings and airports, it’s finally starting to feel like Chris and I are focusing on the world outside of what limitations people may place on us or our relationship.  I’m happy to say it’s comforting to me.  I don’t intend on every going in reverse again.  I don’t want to dwell anymore.  Neither of us do.

Tomorrow, I might just play my music loud on my phone too and dance around like Chris.

Kicking ass and taking names makes me excited too, bubs. 


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